Natural Foods Merchandiser

Toward a better harvest

As Delicious Living’s green-living editor, I am always looking down the pike for eco-trends and businesses that manufacture responsible, sustainable products. Although supplements may not come to mind as posing a sustainability issue, some ingredients can put a squeeze on natural resources—harvesting medicinal roots, such as goldenseal, ginseng and black cohosh, necessarily kills the plant and depletes wild stocks. Fish oil products are also a concern with the planet’s fish stocks being overfished. The good news is that many naturals companies are taking big steps toward sustainability—both environmental and social. At this year’s show in Anaheim, I’m going to be searching out companies opting for sustainable alternatives to outdated production methods. True sustainability—from supply sourcing to safe working conditions and fair compensation for employees—is on our readers’ minds, and it’s within our power to educate them about the most eco-friendly options.

—Katy Neusteter, Delicious Living

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