TOYO-FVG(TM) Maritime Pine Bark Extract Now Available in USA

Japan’s pine bark sales leader delivers higher ORAC rating with all-natural processing

Torrance, CA – One of Japan’s largest developers and OEM producers of raw materials for food supplements, with total sales approaching $100 million last year alone, Toyo Shinyaku has announced several bulk ingredients now available in the USA through its US office, Toyo Bio-Pharma™. The flagship product is TOYO-FVG™, a pine bark extract rich in OPC and boasting a confirmed ORAC rating of 12,798 (umoleTE/g).

The market leader in Japan for pine bark extract sales, Toyo Shinyaku is pleased to make this product available to American manufacturers. “It’s perfect for functional foods and beverages as well as nutritional supplements and cosmeceutical products. Our hot water-extraction process makes this a great addition for those seeking an all-natural and extremely powerful antioxidant” said Mario Kahn, Chief Marketing Officer of the California-based Toyo Bio-Pharma. The proprietary hot water extraction process retains the pristine structural composition of the product, making TOYO-FVG distinct among OPC products on the market today.

“It’s important for manufacturers to have viable ingredient options that are efficacious and supported by clinical research,” Kahn said. He added that, in light of TOYO-FVG’s efficacy and bioavailablity, its recommended dosage is less than other products.

Toyo Bio-Pharma looks forward to partnering with companies who want to harness the antioxidant power of this extract harvested from the French maritime pine (Pinus maritima). Whether marketing to consumers for cardiovascular health and athletic recovery benefits or to the personal care industry for dermal health and age-spot reduction, the Company is willing to share its own scientific research and compelling results to support product uses. Toyo Shinyaku has extensively researched the benefits of TOYO-FVG for both oral consumption and topical applications. TOYO-FVG is used by some of the leading companies in Japan including: Suntory for a tea beverage, Taisho Pharmaceuticals for a line of skin care products and Lion for a line of oral care products.

Other Toyo Bio-Pharma product offerings in the US include KanSho™ Sweet Potato Leaf powder, Puer Flower™ Pueraria Extract and several functional foods processed with fermentation technology to enhance potency and efficacy. As an integrated manufacturer, the company possesses an excellent ability to adapt to specific client needs ranging from growing and harvesting raw materials, to processing and packaging the final product.

For more information on this premier supplement manufacturer, please contact Yoshi Shiraishi at 310.792.7467, Mario Kahn at 805.552.1988 or visit


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