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A Unique Water-Soluble Soy Isoflavone - All Natural Nutritional Products (ANNP) Inc. Introduces Isolucent 10S

Soy Isoflavones: What are they? Soy Isoflavones are compounds found in soybeans that have been safely consumed for hundreds of years in Asia and that have recently been shown to provide many health benefits including the following:
1. Markedly improved bone health in women;
2. Cardioprotective effect in menopausal women and in men;
3. Protection against the effects of certain toxins;
4. Immune support

Limitations and Challenges of Traditional Soy Isoflavone Extracts as Food Ingredients:
Although isoflavones are widely consumed as a supplement (pill or capsule) they have a relatively low degree of market penetration as a food or beverage supplement. One of the main reasons for their limited use in foods and beverages is that the soy isoflavones that are currently being marketed are mostly brown in color, are insoluble in water and have a bitter taste. These properties greatly detract from their use as a
food ingredient.

The Solution: ANNP Inc. is pleased to introduce a new type of soy isoflavone extract, Isolucent 10S, with the following characteristics:
Non-bitter taste
Cream in color and near colorless in water
Soluble in water

A detailed description of Isolucent 10S is given in ANNP Inc.'s website
The product is especially suitable for addition to a variety of beverages where solubility is important. The superior taste, color and solubility properties of this product will greatly facilitate an enhanced intake of isoflavones in foods without the consumer having to take specific supplements in capsule or pill form. Some ideal foods for Isolucent 10S additives are juices, sports drinks, milk, soups, yogurt-based drinks, yogurt, cereals, bread, chocolates, and food bars.

Target markets: Food manufacturers that will incorporate Isolucent 10S into foods and drinks.

Contact Us: Please contact ANNP Inc. for additional information and samples of its superior Isolucent 10S product and its potential as a food ingredient.

Mailing address: 155-99 Scurfield Blvd, Winnipeg MB Canada R3Y 1Y1
Telephone: (204)-488-1066 (Office); (204)-661-0651 (Sales)
Fax: (204)-489-8033

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