Växa International Welcomes New Corporate Leader

(Tampa, FL) Växa International, a leading manufacturer of homeopathic medicine, vitamins and nutritional supplements, recently announced the addition of a new corporate-level staff member to its existing team of more than 30 employees. Linda Loren, who has held senior positions in marketing and sales for leading companies across the United States, joins Växa as its new vice president of marketing.

"We are very excited to welcome Linda to Växa International’s executive team," said Jake Kevorkian, president and co-founder of Växa International. "She brings years of marketing insight and business development expertise to the table. Linda’s seasoned experience in company positioning and business strategy makes her uniquely positioned to help push Växa into the forefront of this industry. She will be an invaluable asset.”

Loren brings more than a decade of extensive experience in vast aspects of the natural products and direct sales industry, including consumer science, experience management, branding, health education, product development, and advertising. Loren has shared her expertise with top corporations, creating comprehensive marketing programs that promote growth, increase awareness, and empower integrative wellness. She joins Växa after tenure at a leading nutritional direct sales company. Prior to that, Loren was vice president of marketing for Living Naturally; worldwide marketing director for SYKES; global operations coordinator for Arthur Andersen, and national accounts manager for MCI Communications. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Consumer Science from Montclair University, NJ.

In her new position, Loren will be responsible for developing strategic initiatives that will allow Växa to expand into new markets, innovate more rapidly, and extend the reach of its products and services. She will also be responsible for corporate communications, branding and promotion strategies, public relations, education, and achieving growth goals that will enable Växa’s continued expansion and profitability.

"I am energized by the opportunity to join the Växa team and expand upon the company’s long-term strategic growth plan. I especially look forward to helping deliver a greater understanding and awareness of Växa to the public,” said Loren.

About Växa International
Headquartered in Tampa, FL, Växa International is a leading manufacturer of homeopathic medicine, vitamins and nutritional supplements. Since 1987, Växa (the name is a Swedish word for re-growth or regeneration) has pioneered natural health solutions that accelerate self-healing and promote wellness. These physician-formulated products deliver some of the most powerful homeopathic medicines available by combining homeopathic principles with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbal extracts. This multi-dimensional approach offers a powerful alternative to simple nutritional supplements or single-action products currently available in the industry.

Växa’s products naturally target today’s leading health challenges. Several of the company’s flagship products, including Attend for attention difficulties, TriCardia+ for cardiovascular and full-body detoxification, and Buffer-pH+ to rebalance body pH, are recognized throughout the natural health community, and approved and recommended by leading organizations. The company distributes its products to natural product retail stores, independent pharmacies and healthcare practitioners across the United States and throughout Canada, Barbados, and the Bahamas.

For more information about Växa International, call Nancy Holt, Marketing Coordinator, at
813-870-2904 or visit www.vaxainternational.com.

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