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Viome acquires Habit for “whole-body” approach to personalized health

Viome will combine its microbiome-based insights with Habit’s nutrition plans and engagement tools to offer comprehensive diet and health plans.

Viome announced Wednesday that it has entered into an agreement with Campbell Soup Company to acquire Habit, a leading personalized nutrition company that takes the guesswork out of eating right.

For the first time, consumers could have complete insight into what is going on in their bodies and receive powerful recommendations to address “whole-body” health.

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The acquisition allows Viome to expand its core offering by tapping into Habit's robust insights for consumer behavior modification. Viome and Habit will be able to provide a richer consumer experience and deepen personalized recommendations with nutrition plans and engagement tools.

“With Habit now part of Viome, we have the perfect articulation of personalized health,” said Naveen Jain, Viome founder and CEO. “I have always admired Habit's ability to engage and motivate the consumer. Combined with Viome's deep insights from the microbiome, we are able to see the complete story our body is telling us about our overall health.”

Viome is dedicated to creating a world where chronic diseases can truly be a matter of choice and not a matter of bad luck. With advanced RNA sequencing technology becoming more affordable and artificial intelligence becoming more powerful, Viome is able to blend the two to understand the human body at the molecular level and provide personalized food recommendations based on each individual's unique biology.

Habit was founded in 2015 with a mission to transform human health through its proprietary testing methodologies and personal nutrition guidance.

Campbell Soup Company has been Habit's sole strategic investor and majority shareholder since the company's inception. Habit has provided tens of thousands of consumers with personalized nutrition guidance to support individuals on their health journey.

“With the advent of big data and computational biology, I believe it's possible to provide everyone in this country and around the world a personalized blueprint to achieve their health and wellness goals,” said Habit's Founder and CEO Neil Grimmer. “Viome analyzes the gut microbiome at a molecular level with advanced technology from the Los Alamos National Lab, which is a great competitive advantage and great foundation for creating the ultimate whole-body nutrition solution.”

William Hood & Company, LLC served as the exclusive financial advisor to Campbell and Habit.


Source: Viome

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