Vitamin World announces new brand identity focused on nutrition from the source

Veteran retailer and manufacturer Vitamin World rebrands and repositions, focusing on "nutrition from the source."

Vitamin World, a leading retailer and manufacturer of quality vitamins, minerals, herbs, and nutritional supplements, today announced a rebranding and repositioning—a modern, new direction for the omnichannel retailer since its inception on Long Island in 1976.

The brand's new look and renewed mission, which is centered on offering consumers crafted nutrition "from the source to you," will be officially unveiled at the grand opening of the new Vitamin World flagship store at Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, NY. The 1,070 square foot retail store features a Home Health section, teas, books, exercise DVDs, along with a new Spa and Beauty section within Women's Health and Beauty.

"Vitamin World is proudly based in the U.S. We search the world for the finest ingredients and when we are sure they're up to our standards, we help our customers select the options that best meet their needs," said Jack Krause, President, Vitamin World. "That's because we believe nutrition starts at the source."

Crafted from the Source

From berries in the Amazon to fish in the Arctic, Vitamin World knows where to find superior nutritional ingredients straight from the source, and how to maximize their powerful goodness -- by crafting each product with the highest quality control all the way through the process - from raw ingredients through to production and distribution. And, Vitamin World is committed to helping consumers select the right crafted options for reaching their individual goals and becoming their best self. The team of nutritional advisors at Vitamin World stores proactively share knowledge and engage customers in an open, two-way dialogue about their health and wellness goals. Vitamin World has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores among specialty retailers because of the extensive training, high level of customer service and product knowledge.

A Premium New Identity

The new Vitamin World visual branding evokes the therapeutic and natural mood of a spa with the wonder and excitement of exploration -- soothing, yet energized. The rebranding features a new logo and the tagline, "Nutrition from the Source." Vitamin World stores will feature sensorial descriptions and images along with informational product content to communicate the great care that goes into making each one, as well as inspirational content to convey the feeling people get when a friend brings back a treasure from an exotic place as a gift.

Examples of "Origin Stories" from Vitamin World include:
Omega-3 Krill Oil - Vitamin World crosses oceans to bring the best krill oil sourced only from Antarctica. Cinnamon - Collected from the hilly regions of Sumatra, an island in western Indonesia. Cranberry - Exclusively from environmentally-responsible bogs in the U.S. and Canada. Knotweed Resveratrol - The little-known plant called knotweed is a rich source for the antioxidant resveratrol; Vitamin World's knotweed is sourced from farmers who harvest them at the optimal time of year in Southeast Asia
The rebranding rollout will continue throughout Vitamin World stores nationwide.

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