VRM Names James Gormley Editorial Director

East Brunswick, NJ – Vitamin Retailer Magazine, Inc. (VRM), publisher of Vitamin Retailer, Nutrition Industry Executive and Organic Products Retailer magazines, has announced the hiring of James J. Gormley to serve as Editorial Director for the company. Mr. Gormley will also serve as Editor-in-Chief of Vitamin Retailer and Nutrition Industry Executive, while Brenda Porter remains as Editor-in-Chief of Organic Products Retailer.

“James is a respected and veteran industry editor and we are proud to have him aboard,” said Daniel McSweeney, President and founder of VRM. “We are especially pleased to welcome James to the company as we prepare to inaugurate an exciting period of growth and expanded market penetration for our magazines, websites and other company products.”

From 1995 to 2002, Gormley served as the Editor-in-Chief of Better Nutrition magazine, overseeing the editorial content of a one million readership consumer health publication. Most recently, he was the Scientific and Regulatory Liason for Nutrition 21, the Purchase, NY-based nutritional ingredient supplier.

Gormley is also a former managing editor of the American Journal of Medicine and the American Journal of Surgery.

“Content is king,” noted Gormley, “and the VRM stable of magazines have clearly dominated the scene from a quality standpoint for many years. I am excited to be aboard and look forward to bringing my background in -- and love for -- the health and natural products industry to bear in taking the company’s family of publications to the next level.”

Since 1995, Gormley has fought for the natural products industry and consumers on a wide range of issues, including: dietary supplements, folic acid fortification, DHA for infant formula, organics, access to healthy foods for kids, food irradiation, right-to-know GMO labeling, biodiversity, sustainable agriculture and many other issues.

An award-winning journalist, health advocate and commentator, he has been a frequent guest on television (FOX-TV) and national radio (“The Deborah Ray Show”). He is a sought-after speaker on health and dietary supplement regulatory issues.

Gormley has taken on self-proclaimed "quackbusters" (on FOX-TV's "Good Day New York," 1996-2002) and health food industry critics in testimony before the New York City Council (the NYC "ephedra hearing" on behalf of NNFA, Feb 10, 2000) and on TV.

A U.S. delegate to a major health conference in China in 2001, Gormley is also the co-author of the User’s Guide to Natural Treatments for Lyme Disease (2006), User's Guide to Detoxification (2005), Health Benefits of Phosphatidylserine (2005), User’s Guide to Brain-Boosting Supplements (2004) and author of DHA, A Good Fat (1999).

Gormley serves as a board member of Citizens for Health, and is a Scientific Advisory Board Member of the Natural Health Research Institute. He has also served on the Council for Responsible Nutrition Delegation to Codex Alimentarius in Paris (April 2005) and Rome (July 2005), on the National Nutritional Foods Association Communications Committee since 1996, and on the CRN Government Oversight Committee since 2003.


Daniel McSweeney
[email protected]

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