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This week: A new good fats formula from Carlson Labs | Glanbia adds traceable, heat-treated sprouted ingredients

New product and company launches, certifications and other natural products company news this week.

Carlson Labs introduced MCT & Omega-3, a good fats formula. The formula includes 600 mg of fish oil and 300 mg of both MCT and organic virgin coconut oil in a single soft gel.

Made with no preservatives, additives or GMOs, Healthee USA’s Organic Brown Rice Bowls now come with the option of three savory new flavors in Spanish Style, Chicken Chipotle and Chicken.

Herbal Papaya has released non-GMO Green Papaya Capsules. The papayas for this product are picked when they are still green to retain all of their natural enzymatic qualities. The superfruit contains papain and chymopapain, enzymes that help in breaking down proteins, fats and carbs, as well as aiding healthy digestion.

Efectiv Sports Nutrition created Efectiv PWO, a pre-workout energy and focus activator. The nutritional powder is anchored by Cognizin citicoline, a compound that promotes the production of phosphatidylcholine (phospholipids), important for brain function. Efectiv PWO combines 250mg of Cognizin along with other vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids in each 5.6g dose. 

Just in time for the holiday season, Our Little Rebellion will release PopCorners Minis—non-GMO and gluten-free popped snacks, a mini version of the beloved PopCorners portfolio, available in two varieties: Double-Up Fudge and Snickerdoodle Drizzle.

New from snack maker Good Health is Eat Your Vegetables chip lineup, crafted with a blend of eight vegetables: carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, broccoli, tomato, beets and shiitake mushrooms. Eight new flavors hit grocery shelves last month: Sea Salt, Jalapeno Ranch, Korean BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion and Sea Salt & Lime. Eat Your Vegetables was originally launched in 2012 under the Snikiddy Brand.

Responding to industry concern of increasing outbreaks of foodborne pathogens in sprouted products, Glanbia Nutritionals has launched fully traceable, heat-treated sprouted ingredients to the market: ChoiceGrad Brown Sprouted MP and ChoiceGrad Golden Sprouted MP.

Created for children aged 6 months and over, NurturMe Power Blend Purees combine exotic fruits, supergreens and grains in a convenient squeeze pouch. All eight flavorful combos were designed to introduce exciting new flavors to little ones’ palates.


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