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Wellington Foods Expands California Factory

Wellington Foods, Inc., a leading nutritional supplement manufacturer, has announced the expansion of its production operation to its new headquarters in Corona, California. Moving to the larger state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Wellington Foods has made a significant commitment to the long-term growth of the company and to the natural products industry.

"The decision to invest in Wellington Foods' new manufacturing facility was very important for us as it positions our company for exceptional growth and an even broader capacity to serve our customers and the industry," said Tony Harnack, president of Wellington Foods. "This move is the culmination of years of planning and a commitment to designing a production operation that meets our high quality standards. This cGMP compliant facility allows us to apply our manufacturing technology to develop and produce quality products that meet and exceed industry standards."

Wellington Foods has produced liquid and powder nutritional supplements for more than 35 years and has recently seen an increased demand for its liquid products in the marketplace. Moving to the Corona location, the company nearly doubles its manufacturing capacity and has added additional production capabilities to meet the needs of the industry and its customers.

Wellington Foods' new facility, with its 116,000 square foot headquarters and manufacturing plant, is equipped with many full-scale amenities. Among them are laboratories for quality control, microbiological testing, research and development and flavor development. The manufacturing operation is monitored by sophisticated process automation software which allows both the quality team and the production staff to have complete control throughout the manufacturing process.

"This new facility encompasses every aspect necessary to service our customers and to grow with them as the industry grows," said Harnack. "The move to this facility demonstrates the company's commitment to our business partners and to the natural products industry."

About Wellington Foods Inc.

Founded in 1974, Wellington Foods Inc. is a custom contract formulator, manufacturer and packager of nutritional supplements in both liquid and powered forms. Dedicated to providing ethical, high-quality, professional contract manufacturing to our partners, Wellington Foods is continually working to bolster the supplement industry's reputation for trustworthy, proven products through sound product development and manufacturing and by working with industry associations. For more information, visit

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