WILD Flavors Releases Health Specific Flavors

WILD Flavors, Inc. (WILD) has announced the creation of a new line of featured flavors. These new flavor creations cover a wide array of flavor profiles, adding a delightful, enticing and fresh taste. Designed to be used in a variety of beverage and food applications, the flavors pair perfectly with the Health Ingredient Technology & Solutions - H.I.T.S. (R) line of functional, efficacious ingredients.

Featured Flavors for WILD's Health Ingredients (H.I.T.S. (R) ingredient in italics)

Natural Acai Flavor WONF—Acai Extract

Natural Tamarind Flavor WONF—Green Coffee Extract

Natural Grapefruit Flavor WONF (Tangor Type)—Hesperidins and Naringin Citrus Bioflavonoid

N&A Beignet Type Flavor—Lutein Ester Emulsion

Natural Raspberry Mandarin Flavor WONF—Acai Extract

Natural Wild Cherry Flavor WONF—MaxImmune (TM)

Natural Pineapple Lime Flavor WONF—Antiox blend

Natural Vanilla Almond Type Flavor—Plant Sterol Ester Emulsion

Natural Yumberry Flavor WONF—Acai Extract

Natural Pinotage Wine Type Flavor—MaxImmune (TM)

Natural Rhaspody Blue Berry Type Flavor—Antiox Blend

Natural Blueberry Black Currant Flavor WONF—Green Tea Catechins

Natural Pineapple Dragonfruit Flavor WONF—Green Coffee Extract

Natural Blackberry Lime Flavor WONF—Hesperidins and Naringin Citrus Bioflavonoid

Natural Guava Mango Passion Flavor WONF—Lutein Ester Emulsion

Natural Root Beer Type Flavor—Green Tea Catechins and Sea Buckthorn


About H.I.T.S. (R)

Consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious, and WILD recognizes the importance of and the demand for healthy ingredients. The H.I.T.S. (R) Team is comprised of chemists and application personnel who have sound understanding of functional ingredients and applications and was created to research and promote health ingredients. Many of WILD's H.I.T.S. (R) ingredients have "measurable health" benefits (meaning that the positive effects are clinically tested). The H.I.T.S. (R) Team continues to investigate the stability of functional ingredients in areas such as light stability, shelf life, and packaging. The solubility and taste of many functional ingredients has previously limited their use within various foods and beverages, but WILD has created clean tasting extracts and water-soluble emulsions for easier application and development.

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