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World Food Processing expands capacity of pea protein manufacturing plant

World Food Processing expands capacity of pea protein manufacturing plant

World Food Processing, the leading USA grown and manufactured pea protein supplier, has announced that it is undergoing a significant capacity expansion of its pea protein manufacturing facility in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin.

“The capacity expansion enables World Food Processing to meet a growing demand of clean label, allergen-friendly, non-GMO and organic ingredients, while further increasing its customers’ supply chain security by offering a seed-to-solution model backed by non-GMO and organic seed development,” explains Tyler Lorenzen, president of World Food Processing’s proteins and ingredient subsidiary.

“The Village of Turtle Lake is very proud to have World Food Processing in our industry community. We are very pleased with its current operations and newest expansion, which will provide many new jobs and economic support for our area,” commented Village of Turtle Lake Village President Sheryl Gehrman. “World Food Processing has been a good neighbor and has supported our community with its success.”

PURISPea is the first pea protein isolate grown and manufactured in the USA. It is known for its superior flavor and its ability to work across major functional food applications. “Consumers are demanding great tasting plant based food options. Our customers have had remarkable success utilizing PURISPea as their preferred plant-based protein choice,” says Lorenzen.

“We believe to foster the growth of plant proteins, we must offer a systematic solution to the farmers and our customers,” he adds. “We provide not only the seed technology to the farmer but also the transparency and supply chain security that can continue to grow into the future.” World Food Processing’s state-of-the-art facilities are certified organic and all located in the USA.

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