WWF Norway on its Aker BioMarine partnership

WWF Norway on its Aker BioMarine partnership

Nina Jensen, head of World Wildlife Fund Norway, talks about the conservation organization’s collaboration with Aker BioMarine.

Functional Ingredients: What was the goal of your partnership with Aker?

Nina Jensen: We are very selective of what partnerships we engage in. When we are involved in a partnership in the corporate sector we set up a one- or three-year work plan where we have very specific conservation goals to come out at the end. So it’s not just about money. It’s about conservation.

Fi: What kind of cooperation did you get from Aker?

NJ: What I have seen with Aker that I haven’t seen anywhere else is their willingness to work with other operators in the krill fishery to try to move them in the right direction. It doesn’t really help if you do our fishery sustainably if the others don’t do it.

Fi: What other results have you seen from the partnership?

NJ: They are devoting a week’s worth of vessel time for dedicated independent research. That is very costly for Aker and [the fact] that they do that is fantastic.

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