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Zaluvida-Nutrition Capital Network innovation meeting presents opportunity for entrepreneurs

September 2016 event introduces investment, collaboration and partnering prospects to senior executives of Zaluvida

Global life science group Zaluvida and Nutrition Capital Network (NCN), an organization that connects investors with growing companies in health & nutrition, announce the Zaluvida Innovation Partnering Meeting 2016. It is the first in a series of innovation meetings that serve as platform for the world’s next generation of health innovators. Entrepreneurs, scientists and early-stage companies will have the chance to present their concepts and business plans and to be awarded the Innovator of the Year.

The Innovation Partnering Meeting aims to encourage an exchange of knowledge, to foster a dynamic ecosystem and to give entrepreneurs the possibility to connect with an established global pioneer in life science investment and commercialization of bioactive compounds and technology. Entrepreneurs, scientists and early-stage companies can apply for the conference by submitting a summary of their business, compound or technology.

“We are delighted to cooperate with Zaluvida in bringing together the next generation of innovators in health and nutrition, and working with them to assure their company, concept or compound has technical merit, a viable value proposition and a sound business model,” said Grant Ferrier, Founder of Nutrition Capital Network. “We expect not only to see a successful meeting, but some successful transactions and we will work with both sides to facilitate that.”

Between six and nine companies will be selected to participate in the conference and will receive advice and support from Zaluvida and NCN mentors. They will have the opportunity to present their concept in front of Zaluvida executives including Thomas Hafner, Founder & Chairman at Zaluvida, Christoph Staeuble, Group Executive Officer at Zaluvida, Dr. Volker Spitzer, Vice President – Head of Consulting & Strategic Innovation (analyze & realize) and Matthias Miller, Chief Scientific Officer at Zaluvida. Outstanding companies will be awarded Innovator of the Year awards and will receive a free consulting and research contract from Zaluvida portfolio company analyze & realize.

“Our commitment to the entrepreneurial and scientific development community has always been strong,” said Matthias Miller, Chief Science Officer at Zaluvida, “but this new meeting opens our science and commercialization team to a wider audience. We hope this process results in at least two or three direct investments for Zaluvida, and possibly just as many new long-term partners.”

The goal of the Zaluvida Innovation Partnering Meeting is to foster scientific and entrepreneurial innovations and to promote exchange to tackle today’s health challenges with focus on obesity, antibiotic resistance, immunity, heart health, oral health, energy & revitalization, detoxification, sleep improvement, brain function, joint health, animal health, livestock emission and antimicrobials.

The Zaluvida Innovation Partnering Meeting takes place from Sept. 28-29 in Berlin, Germany. Participation is free. For further information and to access the online application form please visit:

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