ZMC Announces CoQ10 Benchmark Results

Houston, Texas – Reinforcing the quality presented by Zhejiang Medicine Company’s fermentation technology CoQ10, a benchmark study was conducted by two prestigious independent labs; Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Hokkaido University and Japan Food Research Laboratories; both located in Japan.

Some key points to consider regarding this benchmark, the assay consistently averages 99.69%. The cis isomer (which is found in synthetic material) content is non existent. The number of impurities is equal to the top ranked material. In short, ZMC material has proven to be equal to or better than all major fermented CoQ10 material. This benchmark confirms no unknown impurities exist in ZMC CoQ10. More information regarding the results of this study can be found at

Sander Krupski, National Sales Manager, ZMC-USA states “From our introduction in 2006, ZMC has captured a significant market share in CoQ10 due to the fact that we produce a quality ingredient and ZMC has the manufacturing capacity to supply 63% of the U.S. market. Additionally, we have brought responsible pricing to the consumer.” Mr. Krupski added “Now that ZMC has become the world’s second largest fermented CoQ10 supplier, the costs are reasonable and the supply is sufficient. Only a leader can effect such change, a follower does not.”

Johnny Jin, CEO, ZMC-USA states “Our commitment to our customers to provide innovative quality products and competitive prices is not just a marketing slogan, it is our mission. With a history of expertise in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing since 1954 you’re in good company with ZMC today and well into the future.” Mr. Jin continues “Over a dozen satisfied manufacturers have audited ZMC’s production facilities and found our fermentation expertise to be of the highest quality”.

ZMC is a multicultural organization offering high quality leading edge pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients. ZMC respects and understands the importance of quality and customer satisfaction and is committed to achieving the highest level of both.
Contact: Jaclyn Seminiano at 281.419.6050

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