ZMC-USA Receives Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award

ZMC-USA received the 2008 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards representing the North American Coenzyme Q10 Emerging Company of the Year Award. 


ZMC-USA gained a leading position in the marketplace within two years of its founding by focusing on eliminating market restraints, such as high product prices and unnecessarily complex global value chains.

“ZMC-USA strategically altered the landscape of the marketplace and brought quality, affordability and value to a market which had suffered extreme pressures in the years prior to the company’s formation,” notes Frost & Sullivan Food Products Technical Researcher Linda Gomez. “By changing the typical market distribution channel to include transparency, ZMC-USA allowed both the customer and the parent manufacturing company to more efficiently realize the needs and demands of the US marketplace.”

“Frost & Sullivan is recognized as the premier industry analyst organization. The prestige of this award provides a continued reinforcement of both our business model and direction,” stated Scott Steinford, President, ZMC-USA. “While the support we have received from our customers during our formation since 2006 is considered our highest accolade, the recognition from Frost and Sullivan is very much appreciated.”

Loren Israelsen, Founder of United Natural Products Alliance, reinforced the importance of the Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Award by stating, “The relevance of the ZMC-USA business model noted by Frost and Sullivan is gaining increased importance, as both legislation and customer expectations dictate the necessity of quality control and transparent verification of process. From its beginning, ZMC-USA has remained committed to the advancement of the industry, and has proven to be a valuable asset to our membership.”

ZMC is a multicultural raw ingredient manufacturer offering high quality pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients worldwide since 1954. ZMC is staffed with over 2,000 employees worldwide and is an important production base of microbiological drugs, Coenzyme Q10, Biotin, Vitamins A and E, Lutein, Phytosterol, B-Carotene, and Lycopene.

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