Millennium Health Supplements: All Hoodia is not alike

Respected BBC Journalist Tom Mangold, in conjunction with Millennium Health Supplements (the largest exporter of South African Hoodia Gordonii in the world), purchased H57 product (manufactured by JEC Nutrition) from store shelves in December of 2005 and October of 2006 and had this product tested at a third party testing laboratory, using several analytical tests against a reference voucher sample. The results in both cases showed that the material in H57’s capsules was not Hoodia Gordonii. Bill Flohr, the producer of ‘The Health Report’ says: “We were very surprised that H57 failed testing both times.”

Results of all testing can be viewed at, and

Jen Cully, Millennium’s President and PR Director says: “There are too many companies making claims about the authenticity of their Hoodia Gordonii products without showing any proof or documentation. Authenticating Hoodia Gordonii can only be done by a reputable testing laboratory experienced in analyzing the unique chemical and microscopic fingerprints of a plant - in this case Hoodia Gordonii”, Cully says.

Alkemists Pharmaceuticals in Costa Mesa, California is an independent testing laboratory that has experience in the testing and authenticating of Hoodia Gordonii. Alkemists tests Hoodia Gordonii using 3 individualized testing protocols that examine samples on both microscopic and chemical levels. All their testing is conducted using a university certified botanical specimen of Hoodia Gordonii as their reference voucher sample.

Millennium Health Supplements holds contracts for more than 75% of the Hoodia Gordonii sold out of South Africa and Western Cape Province. “We sell only 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii and it is fully tested, licensed and guaranteed.” Cully says, “Stay away from anything but pure Hoodia as it has been proven that extracts such as 20:1 or concentrates are not real. In addition, people should carefully read the ingredients on any product that is labeled as Hoodia Gordonii. Many products contain additives and stimulants that cause the heart rate to increase.

CITES, a UN Watchdog organization for the protection of endangered species (plant and animal), has the only controls in place for harvesting and exporting Hoodia Gordonii. Exports are under very tight control and every shipment must include documentation that proves the material is legal and licensed. Without this documentation Hoodia Gordonii cannot be exported out of South Africa and into the global market. This documentation not only proves the legality of the material, but also the legitimacy, authenticity and origin of the farms that Millennium’s Hoodia comes from.

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