Cutting-edge research

From the beauty-from-within front
Glanbia Nutritionals' proprietary enriched flax ingredient increased the lustre, shine and overall condition of human hair when consumed orally, according to a recently completed research study.
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Glucose Level good to go
Sprunk-Jansen's Glucose Level, a proprietary Greek-Arab formula, has demonstrated efficacy, safety and tolerance in human subjects, according to a new published study examining the its effects on people.
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LuraLean hits the prebiotic marketplace
LuraLean, a condensed dietary-fibre ingredient from AHD International, has confirmed prebiotic properties, according to clinical research. Animal studies indicate that LuraLean stimulates growth of gastrointestinal microflora bifidobacteria.
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Herbal may lower prostate-cancer risk
Zyflamend, a novel herb-based therapeutic, has been found to be linked with minimal toxicity and no serious adverse events in men at high-risk for developing prostate cancer in its phase I clinical trial, according to an article on the Times of India website. The research appears in the Journal of the Society for Integrative Oncology.
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