ChromaDex and Alkemists Pharmaceuticals Partner to Increase Availability of Botanical Reference Materials(BRMsTM)

Irvine, CA - ChromaDex, Inc., ( the world leader in phytochemical reference standards and reference materials announces the increased availability of Botanical Reference Materials (BRMs™) for quality control and research of botanical based extracts and products. By partnering with Alkemists Pharmaceuticals, ChromaDex will rapidly expand its existing line of BRMs™.

BRMs™ (Botanical Reference Materials) are well-characterized reference materials for specific plants. The characterization of BRMs™ includes macro and microscopic information for a specific genus and species of plant as well as Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) “fingerprints” of the botanical. BRMs™ give users the tools necessary to confirm their botanical raw material evaluation is comprehensive while affording them the opportunity to begin assessment of the material’s composition.

“By partnering with Alkemists we will dramatically increase the number of BRMs™ available as tools for the industry,” said ChromaDex President & CEO, Frank Jaksch. “As the industry prepares for the release of the GMPs, there will be an increasing demand for tools such as BRMs™. Many ChromaDex-Alkemists BRMs™ are now available, exclusively through ChromaDex, for use in research, quality control, and product development.”

“We have spent many years producing reference materials for our own needs and we are very proud to offer our expertise in the field of botanical identification. By partnering with ChromaDex, the leader in reference materials, we finally make our BRMs available to the market for the benefit of the botanical industry and the consumer,” said Alkemists Pharmaceuticals CEO & Director, Sidney Sudberg. “These BRMs™ when used, will increase the confidence of all involved in the botanical chain of custody to know, in the final analysis, that ‘what is on the label is actually in the bottle’. It is our goal to ensure the quality of the botanical raw materials and finished product so that consumers will ultimately return for more.”

About ChromaDex
ChromaDex, Inc., a privately-held, Irvine, California based company, is a world leader in the development of Phytochemical and Botanical Reference Standards ( ChromaDex provides the dietary supplement, food, beverage, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries with the analytical tools, products, and services to meet the regulatory, quality, efficacy and safety standards for their products.

About Alkemists Pharmaceuticals

Alkemists Pharmaceuticals, (Costa Mesa, CA), (, has grown over the past decade to focus on self regulation and has emerged over the last 5 years as the natural choice for 3rd party analysis & partners in quality control. Alkemists Pharmaceuticals was established in 1997 after the natural products industry was faced with the responsibility for the serious health risk created by the adulteration of Plantain with Grecian Foxglove (Digitalis lanata). With over 800 species of botanicals analyzed and an internal herbarium containing 6000 specimens enabling multiple species cross referencing, Alkemists has positioned itself as the ‘go to’ lab for 3rd party natural product analysis. New in 2007 is the ‘analytical triad’, for increased confidence in your product, comprised of HPLC Qualitative &/or Quantitative analysis, HPTLC Fingerprint and marker identity analysis and Botanical Macro/Microscopy for ID and Adulteration detection.

For further information on ChromaDex BRMs, please visit our website at or contact our technical sales department at 949-419-0288.

Contact: Frank Jaksch
Phone : 949-419-0288
Email : [email protected]

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