Fenchem presents innovative products at IFT

At Booth #: 3672 IFT 2007, Fenchem is presenting three innovative products to provide more suitable applications in food products. The particular advantages of the three products In-fibreTM inulin, EssenRoseTM Rosemary ectract and OmaCareTM Omega-3 fatty acids powder make Fenchem significant at the event.

Inulin benefits digestive health, bone health and weight management. In-fibreTM inulin is naturally extracted from Jerusalem artichoke. As a prebiotic, In-fibreTM is more efficient than other inulin products because its chain length is more easily degraded by bifidobacteria.

Rosemary extract is traditionally used as a flavor but aroma and its strong smell has limitted it application in some foods and beverages. EssenRoseTM is standardized in caronic acid as natural antioxidant to keep food fresh. The ordour, taste and color of it is optimized. It is of high stability and excellent solubility in oil. These advantages make EssenRoseTM ideal for applications in foods.

With innovative microencapsulation technology, Fenchem has developed an omega-3 fatty acids powder with little fishy ordor and high staliblity, which make OmaCareTM useful in nutritional powders, infant formulas and baked goods etc.

Besides these officially launched products, Fenchem is also developing LuMarinTM Lutein beadlet and Nutra-RedTM Lycopene beadlet through microencapsulation technology. The two products are of excellent water solubility and are ideally used in food, beverage and confectionery products etc.

Fenchem is working closely with customers’ needs, With the demand growing for the functional food and beverage market, Fenchem has devoted more in application research for nutritional ingredients and formulations to be ideally used in functional food products.

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