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New Ingredients & Products

Pomegranate rich in ellagic acid
Triarco Industries has released an all-natural pomegranate extract guaranteed to contain not less than 40 per cent ellagic acid. PomAgic is free of carriers and scores 4,600 in ORAC testing, the New Jersey company reports.

+1 973 942 5100

Omega-3s without odours or tastes
Denofa USA has created Denomega 100, an odour- and taste-free natural omega-3 oil rich in DHA and EPA. Denomega is GRAS and OMRI listed. The ingredient works best when added to or replacing other fats existing in foods and is currently found in such functional foods as juice, yoghurt, bread, cheese, spreads, sausage and crackers.

+1 719 201 4641

Stabilizer line for dairy foods
TIC Gums has rolled out a line of TIC Pretested Dairyblend stabilisers for use in an array of dairy foods and beverages. TIC Pretested Dairyblend YG LC Stabilizer was specifically designed to enhance the fibre content and stabilisation of low-carb yoghurt formulations, resulting in products that are gluten-free, yet smooth in mouthfeel. The TIC Pretested Dairyblend IC LC Base powder imparts a rich, creamy mouthfeel while boosting aeration and slowing meltdown.

+1 800 221 3953

Nutrient-packed ingredient Vibracell for vitality and energy
The new food ingredient Vibracell by Belgium-based GDI is being sold in the UK and Ireland under the name Vibraspectrum through New Vista Healthcare. The 100 per cent natural ingredient complex is the result of 10 years of research, and promises to deliver vitality and energy, improving both immunity and cell renewal, its maker says.
Vibracell is made of concentrated, cold pressed juices. Dozens of other important nutrients have been added, such as lecithin, royal jelly, selenium yeast, L-carnitine and co-enzyme Q10.
All ingredients are 100 per cent free of insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals.

+ 32 51 31 36 28

An indulgence good for the bones
Hero Nutritionals in California has launched a line of calcium chocolate bites made with real chocolate. Each piece of Healthy Indulgence contains 500mg of calcium, 25 calories, 2 carbs, no trans fats and up to 70 per cent cacao. They also contain vitamin D, which aids in calcium absorption, and come in both milk chocolate and rich dark chocolate varieties.

+1 800 500 4376

Lui Han Kuo fruit with added ginkgo
Longjiang River Health Products, a Chinese herbal health company, has introduced LHK+ with Ginkgo. Derived from Lui Han Kuo, a ?magic fruit? grown only in the Guangxi Province, the supplement promises to enhance mental alertness and memory by promoting blood circulation in the brain and extremities. LHK is also known for its antioxidant effects.

+1 888 916 1688

New loose-leaf organic tea line
Te? Teas has unveiled a line of organic, loose, whole-leaf teas sold under the brand name Cha?a Teas. The line includes a variety of white, green, oolong and black premium teas, including Legend Dragonwell Green Tea, Signature Jasmine Silver Tip Green Tea, and Organic Roasted Rice Mountain Green Tea. The tea is packaged in a stainless steel container that includes a tea infuser inside the lid, designed to fit most cups and teapots.
+1 650 592 3108

The wonders of emu oil
Called the ?Wonder From Down Under,? Australian aborigines have believed for centuries that the oil of the emu possesses special properties. Now Thunder Ridge has brought this medicine to the mass market with Thunder Ridge Emu Oil, which comes from the fat of the emu bird.
Refined to an edible grade, it naturally contains linolenic acid (omega-3), linoleic acid (omega-6) and oleic acid (omega-9), along with other essential fatty acids. Studies have shown the oil has anti-ageing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, the company reports.
The oil is sold in gel caps, containing a mixture of EFAs nearly identical to the fat profile of the human body; it is also sold in a skin care line that promises to penetrate through all seven layers of the skin, helping maintain hydration and elasticity.

+1 703 631 9074

Power of potato to curb appetite
In a newly patented process, scientists have extracted a molecule in potatoes responsible for satiety, the feeling of fullness. Sold as a supplement called Satise, one pill promises to give the feeling of having eaten four potatoes, according to its maker, Kemin Consumer Care. The active ingredient in Satise is a proteinase inhibitor (P12). When taken 30 minutes before a meal, a Satise capsule enhances the body's release of cholecystokinin, a compound naturally secreted into the blood stream in response to eating food. The compound then induces feelings of satiey, reducing caloric intake.

+1 866 319 0464

Soy without taste, colour
Intellisoy, the first completely clear, 100 per cent soluble pure soy isoflavone additive, has been launched by Dick Lamb, the co-founder of Balance Bar and new CEO of Intellisoy. The ingredient also has no calories and no taste. Among its many applications is a new clear beverage called AquaSoya, which contains 20mg of isoflavones per serving.

Fruity flavours for kids? palates
Crazy Scoops, a line of unique fruit-based flavours for addition to milk designed specifically for kids, contain no caffeine, hydrocolloids or added fat. Launched by Danisco, the flavours include banana, grape, berry-blend and tropic, and are designed to be mixed and matched for multiple flavour combinations.

+1 800 255 6837

Sweet syrups
Cerestar Food & Pharma Specialties Europe has developed a range of clean-tasting bio-organic glucose syrups at its joint venture plant Blattmann Cerestar AG in Switzerland, using organic wheat flour treated with traditional non-GMO enzymes. The process has been certified by Bio Suisse.
Called C*BioSweet, the syrups? key properties include sweetness, viscosity and crystallization control. Other properties include freezing point depression, boiling point elevation, osmotic pressure, nonenzymatic browning and fermentability. C*BioSweet is sold as a liquid glucose syrup with 30 DE, 44 DE and 60 DE and as a spray-dried powder (30 DE). The 60 DE offers new opportunities for ice cream producers.

+32 15 400 411

DHA for infants
Supplements manufacturer Twinlab has teamed up with speciality ingredients supplier Nutrinova to incorporate DHA into its multivitamin drops for infants. Each 1ml serving of Infant Care contains 20mg of Nutrinova DHA to support brain and eye health in infants. It also provides 100 per cent of the daily recommended value of 10 vitamins.

+1 732 271 7221

Mega meal bar
Wysong Corp has created the Origins Meal-In-A-Bar, a non-heat-processed bar that delivers food nutrients exactly as they would be found in nature, the Michigan company reports.
Containing more than 125 nutrients, the bar is also free of synthetics, refined sugars, grain starches and non-nutritional additives.

+1 989 631 0009

Soybean oil to replace trans fats
Bunge Limited and DuPont have announced a new soybean oil that enables manufacturers to reduce or eliminate trans fatty acids in their products. Called Nutrium Low Lin Soybean Oil, the product has a low linolenic acid profile of less than three per cent and offers better natural stability and increased shelf life. When used for frying, it eliminates the need for partial hydrogenation.

+1 800 828 0800

Another slice of probiotics, please
Valio-Vache Bleue in Belgium has launched Valio Gefilus, a lowfat Emmental cheese product with Lactobacillus GG. The company recommends eating at least one slice (30g) per day to receive the beneficial dose of LGG.

+358 1038 1121

A gulp of fresh oxygen
Aquagen International in Utah has introduced a new line of liquid oxygen supplements designed to improve energy, endurance and vitality. Designed on the principle that humans have less oxygen in their bodies due to a depletion of oxygen in the Earth?s atmosphere, the five Aquagen products aim to boost oxygen levels in the body. The supplements and oxygenated products are hypo-allergenic, pH balanced and nontoxic. They include a pre-sports drink designed to increase circulation before a workout, and Oxyzone, an oxygenated colon supplement that helps detoxify the intestinal tract by softening plaque on the colon walls, where pathogens can accumulate.

+1 800 699 4336

Full line of mushroom flavours
A new line of mushroom flavour products by Nikken Foods Co in St Louis is now available in powders, bouillon and concentrates. The varieties include Mushroom Extract Powder, providing a mild aroma with a full, clean, non-earthy flavour; Shiitake Powder, made from heads and stems ground into a fine powder, which provides a smoky, woody flavour; and Shiitake Extract Powder, made from the stems and heads, and also with a woody flavour.

+1 636 532 1019

Fresh fruits for furry friends
Castor & Pollux Pet Works has created Ultramix, a dry pet food that includes a resealable package of raw fruits and vegetables, including dried apples, carrots, mangoes, papaya, pineapple, blueberries and cranberries. The canine formula includes dehydrated chicken chunks, and the feline formula uses Alaskan salmon. The Oregon company sells more than 150 natural pet supplies and foods, including its Organix line, which is the first USDA certified 95 per cent organic pet treats.

+1 800 875 7518

Processed oils with 80% less trans fats
Cargill Refined Oils Europe has created an alternative to traditional hydrogenated oils. Losatra oils are processed in a proprietary new hydrogenation technology that reduces trans fatty acids up to 80 per cent, yet offers excellent stability and crystallisation characteristics, the company says. This makes the range ideal for numerous applications, such as frying, bakery fats and spreads.

+32 15 400 456

Bulk ingredient to beat stress
NutraGenesis has launched a bulk ingredient called Sensoril to North American makers of dietary supplements. Derived from the Ayurvedic herb ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Sensoril contains a minimum of eight per cent withanolides, the known actives responsible for the reputed antistress properties of the plant.
Sensoril has been substantiated for structure/function claims in the areas of stress, weight management, carbohydrate craving, anti-ageing, antioxidant, mental cognition, and adaptogenic and immune support, the Vermont company reports.

+1 802 257 5345
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