C.K. Foods Inc. Capitalizing on Popularity of Pomegranate

Pomegranate has been getting a great deal of positive press for the better part of a year, mainly due to its antioxidant-laden health benefits. Following in the footsteps of the pomegranate pioneer Pom Wonderful, this superfruit has emerged from obscurity to become a headline flavor and ingredient in a number of major food and beverage brands, including Odwalla (Coca-Cola), Cadbury-Schweppes, Lotte Confectionery, Lakewood Organic and Pearl Vodka.

Late in 2005, Toronto, Canada based C.K. Foods Inc. partnered with Irvine, California based Cyvex Nutrition to introduce Cyvex’s proprietary PomActiv™ Pomegranate Extract to Canadian food, beverage and supplement markets. Michael Chernyak, General Manager of C.K. Foods Inc., states, “the success of this collaboration certainly has exceeded our original expectations.”

Earlier this year, a well-known Canadian bakery products manufacturer incorporated PomActiv™ into a functional muffin that can now be found in at least two major Canadian coffee chains, as well as a number of leading U.S. retail chains. The muffin is marketed as having antioxidant capacity equivalent to five glasses of pure pomegranate juice and has been a real hit with consumers. A Toronto, Canada-based manufacturer of frozen breads has incorporated PomActiv™ into a functional bread, and other bakery manufacturers are expected to follow suit with pomegranate-based introductions. In the supplement category, C.K. Foods Inc. recently closed a significant sale with a leading Canadian health supplement company that will be introducing a pomegranate supplement featuring PomActiv™ in 2007.

Mr. Chernyak adds, “Consumer interest in, and awareness of, pomegranate is at an all-time high and savvy marketers are leveraging this awareness and interest by launching innovative food, beverage and supplement products featuring the industry’s leading pomegranate extract. We expect to continue to see significant increases in our sales of PomActiv™ going forward.”

About C.K. Foods Inc.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, C.K. Foods Inc. is an established importer and distributor of innovative, value-added raw materials to Canadian food, beverage and dietary supplement markets. For additional information please contact Steve Johnston, Business Development Manager at Tel: 905-760-1176, Ext. 223, or stevej@ckfoods.com.

About Cyvex Nutrition
Entering its 23rd year, Cyvex Nutrition, Inc., has become a leader in the supply of superior quality, innovative, proprietary antioxidants and other influential nutraceuticals for the dietary supplement and functional foods industry. Cyvex has firmly established itself as a resourceful supply-chain partner that provides ancillary services such as NutriPrint™ quality assurance testing, marketing and formulation assistance.

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