ON's New Natural 100% Oats & Whey Is A First

While many Americans realize the importance of eating a balanced, nutritious diet and strive to sit down to a healthy high-protein breakfast every morning, other demands often supersede even the best intentions. With the introduction of Optimum Nutrition’s (ON) new Natural 100% Oats & Whey, anyone can find the time to quickly and easily mix up and clean up the industry’s first drinkable oatmeal protein shake.

“Recent studies point to the success many dieters report when they start each day with a high-protein meal,” said Rachel Hopkins, a Food Scientist with ON in Aurora. “Each serving of ON’s new Natural 100% Oats & Whey provides 24 grams of fast-digesting whey protein along with slow-burning carbohydrates and 4 grams of satisfying dietary fiber from whole grain oats – about the same amount in a large bowl of oatmeal. Naturally low in fat, the high concentration of essential amino acids makes each rich, creamy milk chocolate and vanilla bean shake ideally suited to hard-training athletes, carb-conscious dieters, and seniors concerned about maintaining muscle mass.” All products in ON’s rapidly expanding line of natural dietary supplements are free of artificial flavors, sweeteners and synthetic colors.

Optimum Nutrition was founded in 1987 with a mission to produce superior quality nutritional supplements at an exceptional value. Recognized for both quality and innovation, the company maintains two distinct brands – Optimum Nutrition and American Body Building – each manufactured in company owned and operated production facilities to assure uncompromising standards of purity, mixability, consistency and taste.

For more information on Optimum Nutrition or new Natural 100% Oats & Whey, visit www.optimumnutrition.com
Or contact Tim Weigard at 630-236-0097.
700 N. Commerce Street, Aurora, IL 60504

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