Alkemists Pharmaceuticals Launches New Voluntary Random Analysis Service

(Costa Mesa, CA) Alkemists Pharmaceuticals Inc., ( ) the natural choice for 3rd party botanical and natural product analysis, has announced the launch of a new random analysis service for finished product manufacturers. With periodic random analysis, Alkemists further enables finished product manufacturers the ability to showcase the quality of their finished products as well as increasing consumer confidence in their purchasing decisions.

The concept is as follows:

The Finished Product Manufacturer, (FPM) must elect to participate in this service.

Product acquisition:
Alkemists will randomly purchase a product once per quarter for the life of the contract. Several purchasing locations will be established around the US to maintain randomness.

The product will undergo analysis using the Alkemists ‘Analytical Triad’ which is comprised of HPLC Qualitative &/or Quantitative marker analysis, HPTLC Fingerprint analysis with marker identity and when applicable, Botanical Macro/Microscopy for ID of raw materials and detection of potential Adulteration.

Posting of results.
The test results (3 separate C of As) will be issued to the FPM for use in their marketing campaign as well as the public claim of this new service. An animated Alkemists Pharmaceuticals logo will be licensed for use on the FPM’s web site and in digital marketing. In addition to this, Alkemists will host a page on its own web site to post the results of passing analyses for the purpose of increasing consumer confidence. If a product does not pass an analysis, the above benefits would be removed until a subsequent passing random analysis is performed.

“I receive numerous inquiries on a daily basis from consumers asking which products pass our analysis. I am restricted from answering these inquiries given our 3rd party unbiased status and the confidentiality of all our testing”, stated Elan Sudberg, COO and Lab Manager of Alkemists Pharmaceuticals. “By offering this service to my customers, the consumer will now have the confidence of periodic random analysis in addition to product information to support their purchasing decisions. The companies who sign up will have an exclusive opportunity to showcase the quality of their products to the public,”.

“We are very excited to offer this unique approach of voluntary random analysis to the industry. This is a fair, balanced and comprehensive end to the chain of custody from a quality control perspective. There is no better way, aside form testing every bottle, to show consumers that the product they are interested in purchasing comes from a company who has confidence in their products and will go the extra mile in quality control,” confirmed Sidney Sudberg, Founder, Director & CEO of Alkemists Pharmaceuticals.

About Alkemists Pharmaceuticals

Alkemists Pharmaceuticals, (Costa Mesa, CA), (, has grown over the past decade to focus on Dietary Supplement industry self regulation and has emerged, over the last 5 years, as the natural choice for independent 3rd party analysis & as a partner in quality control. Alkemists Pharmaceuticals was established in 1997 after the natural products industry was faced with the responsibility for the serious health risk created by the adulteration of Plantain with Grecian Foxglove (Digitalis lanata). With over 800 species of botanicals analyzed and an in-house herbarium containing 6000 botanical specimens enabling multiple species cross referencing, Alkemists has positioned itself as the ‘go to’ lab for 3rd party natural product analysis. New in 2007 is the ‘analytical triad’, for increased confidence in your raw material and/or product, comprised of HPLC Qualitative &/or Quantitative marker analysis, HPTLC Fingerprint analysis with marker identity and Botanical Macro/Microscopy for ID and detection of potential Adulteration.

Contact: Elan M Sudberg
[email protected]

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