Vitiva Presents Natural Protection for PUFA Oils

Vitiva, Slovenia, has developed a natural solution, based on rosemary extract, for protecting PUFA oils from oxidative degradation. SyneROX 4TM can fight free radicals and extend PUFA oils' shelf life significantly as well as help maintain the original organoleptic characteristics of PUFA oils such as taste, color and aroma.

PUFA oils (omega 3, fish oil, borage, flax oil, linseed oil) contain significant amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids which have proven highly effective in protecting human health. This unique composition is unstable and susceptible oxidation mediated by free radicals, and therefore it deteriorates much faster than conventional oils.

Most of the ingredients available in the market that protect PUFA oils from rancidity are synthetic. However, today’s food manufactures prefer to use natural solutions that answer consumer concerns about side effects as well as desire for clean-label products.

"SyneROX 4 TM is an allergen-free, vegetarian compound that can extend PUFA oils shelf life from 30-90%." says Ohad Cohen, CEO of Vitiva. "It is a proprietary product that effectively addresses producer requirements for a powerful antioxidant that protects PUFA oils from free radicals, while allowing for a clean label."

SyneROX 4 TM also is fully deodorized and can be used in high concentrations for maximum protection, without influencing PUFA oils' original characteristics. "We had to overcome multiple technical obstacles to enable food manufacturers to use an all-natural, high-value solution that provides complete protection," adds Cohen. "This product will definitely give processors an advantage in the marketplace."

Vitiva is a dynamic, fast-growing nutraceuticals company offering advanced application-specific formulations of natural extracts with antioxidant properties. In addition, a full range of deodorized rosemary extracts are available in a wide range of concentrations. These pure extracts are soluble in oil or water, and are available in powder and liquid forms.

For more information please contact:

Mr. Ohad Cohen, CEO
Tel: +386217888738
E-mail: [email protected]

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