New Ingredients

New soy-protein concentrates
Solbar Plant Extracts is expanding its line of Solcon S functional soy-protein concentrates, already marketed throughout China. New product developments include Contex 31-AR textured soy concentrate designed for pasteurized meat products unique to China. The prototype of Contex AR is product code number 31, an 8mm flake characterized by very high water absorption and water-holding capacity. Contex 31-AR is coloured using a proprietary pinkish red colour that matches typical Chinese pork products. Contex AR increases protein content and improves mouthfeel, at significant cost reductions to meat manufacturers, Solbar says.
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Natural oxidation prevention
Aqua Liquid Origanox by Rad Natural Technologies is a natural, solvent-free extract derived from edible labiatae species such as oregano and lemon balm. The product provides meat processors a natural solution to protect meat against lipid oxidation while extending product shelf life. Origanox is effective in all processed meats as well as in packaged fresh meat. Rad is a research-oriented company focused on natural antioxidation management, improvement of food quality and health enhancement. Its flagship Origanox brand is based on a variety of natural extracts specifically designed to fight oxidation in food and can be taken daily as health supplements.
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Whipping with nonhydrogenated fats
Cognis has developed an emulsifier system that makes possible the use of nonhydrogenated fats in whipping agents. This system forms the basis of Lamequick CE 7203, a new whipping agent based on nonhydrogenated fats. It offers functional benefits such as high foam volume and good stability, is user-friendly thanks to its consistent performance across the entire temperature range, and, being based on nonhydrogenated fats, also allows consumer-friendly claims, Cognis explains. The product is suitable for most applications, especially decorative and filling creams for cakes, mousselike or frozen desserts, and Italian-style or soft-serve ice creams.
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Versatile free sterols
A new proprietary encapsulation process enables manufacturers to use free sterols as an ingredient during the manufacturing process, without the use of special equipment or any organoleptic effects in the end product. The encapsulation process allows the use of free sterols in beverage products, which results in a lower cost per serving than using sterol/stanol ester products, Kerry Ingredients reports. Stable in acid systems and easily dispersible in beverages such as juice and milk, Kerry's plant sterols are retort and UHT stable as well as bake stable. Allowing for an FDA-qualified health claim for phytosterols, Kerry's plant sterols are processed in a dry powder form for ease of use in a wide variety of commercial food and beverage applications.
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Chia-seed extract rich in omega-3s
Valensa International has introduced a botanical extract called Tresalbio, a branded Salvia hispanica-seed extract. The extract delivers a higher concentration of omega-3 fatty acids by weight — more than 60 per cent — than any plant (linseed/flaxseed oils) or fish source. Valensa's CO2 extraction process ensures product stability, contributing to longer shelf life, and reducing the incidence of rancification, thereby improving the taste and odour of the omega-3-delivering ingredient, Valensa says. Known as 'chia' to the Aztecs, Salvia hispanica was a highly prized staple of the Aztec diet. The extract contains 600mg of omega-3s per 1g of extract. Tresalbio contains natural antioxidants such as caffeic acid and tocopherols that are then supplemented with Valensa's proprietary all-natural botanical O2B Peroxidation Blocker system, which makes the extract highly stable and resistant to rancidity. The extract also offers additional advantages over linseed/flaxseed oils, Valensa says, including product consistency; longer shelf life; and a solvent-free, all-natural status.
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Reduced-sugar fibre formulation
National Starch Food Innovation, the exclusive distributor of the NUTRIOSE product line in the US and Mexico, has created a formulation for 50 per cent-reduced sugar water/juice-based beverages that provides 3g of fibre per 8oz serving. NUTRIOSE is ideal for clear beverages, is stable in low pH/high acidity beverages and has excellent digestive tolerance. The prebiotic soluble fibre also lowers glycaemic response. It is a food dextrin, derived from corn or wheat, with a fibre content of 85 per cent. Packaged as an agglomerated powder, it has high solubility, good flowability and low hygroscopicity, and provides good fibre retention throughout a product's shelf life, the company says. The clear, low-viscosity fibre also tolerates heat treatment and pasteurization, works over wide pH and storage temperature ranges, and quickly disperses without lumping.
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Micro-encapsulated oils
Ingredients manufacturer Blue California has introduced micro-encapsulated essential oils in powder form for water-soluble applications, particularly suited for beverages. The Southern California-based company says it has devised a process whereby oil-soluble ingredients, such as mango and rosemary oils, are soluble in water with enhanced stability and bioavailability. Blue California claims its micro-encapsulation method produces water-soluble ingredients that do not require emulsifying agents that can cause cloudiness once a product is in a solution. The oils are rendered soluble in water and as such can be used as natural flavours, preservatives and antioxidants in functional beverages and cosmetic products.
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Pork-fat replacement
Cargill Texturising Solutions has developed an ingredient to help food manufacturers replace with restructured vegetable fat the pork fat used in many meat products. The solution, called Adrogel GR, can be used as a Halal alternative to pork meat-based ingredients. The product can be prepared with cold water and vegetable oil to produce a restructured vegetable fat. With a white-colour consistency close to that of back pork fat, it can be cut into small pieces for use in meat such as turkey and poultry sausages.

Yeast-extract salt replacers
The R&D department of Savoury Systems International (SSI) in New Jersey has created natural yeast-extract salt replacers including #594 and #595 for general replacement, which can be dosed from one third to one fourth of salt. Other replacers can be dosed at a 1:3 ratio for both replacement of salt and enhancement of flavour in white breads, speciality breads and pizza-crust doughs, SSI says. Another replacer, #1079, has 22 per cent natural, flavour-enhancing nucleotides. It is organic compliant.
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Six organic ingredients
BI Nutraceuticals in California is offering six new organic ingredients: anise seed, fennel seed, ginger root, liquorice root, psyllium and slippery elm. These are certified organic and treated via BI's proprietary steam-sterilization process, Protexx HP, which reduces microbial contaminants in botanical herbs using super-heated dry steam, with results comparable to that of treatment with ethylene oxide or irradiation, but without the potential regulatory issues. Protexx HP delivers maximum reduction in potential contaminants while preserving colour, flavour and bioactive components, BI Nutraceuticals says.
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