Solbar's Bontex Soy – Chocolate Solutions

Solbar Industries Ltd., Israel, will introduce at the upcoming Natural Foods Expo, 5-8 March, Anaheim, the first in a series of new unique applications for their steam-textured product - soy filler in praline chocolate centers.

According Global Applications Manager, David Kraus, who is developing these product concepts for Solbar, “We very much believe in Bontex, as a key ingredient for bringing consumers both excellent flavor and mouthfeel, as well as important nutritional properties. We think that the advantages of Bontex lie in its organoleptic properties, health benefits and cost-savings.”

The applications launch for “Bontex Soy-Chocolate Inclusions” is to be used in "chocolate centers" which are typically filled with nuts of one kind or another. A visual description of this application can now be found in YouTube: .

Unlike traditional textured soy flours, Bontex team-textured soy protein has none of the strong soy off-flavors which have given a negative image to many soy products. Due to a unique proprietary process which removes volatile flavors and preserves essential nutritional values the protein binds into puffy agglomerates, with particles cut & sieved to five optional size & shapes: small and large fine particles, minced, small and large pieces.

Bontex offers relatively fast rehydration rate compared with typical extruded products (3-4 times weight in just 2-3 minutes in hot water, or 2-3 times weight in just 3-4 minutes in cold water). It is possible to apply Bontex with natural colors & flavors during the steam texturizing process.
According to Gary Brenner, Solbar VP Marketing & Development, “Bontex has important nutritional properties, being rich in protein with a high protein digestibility score (PDCAAS - 0.9), low in fat (<1%) and calories (260 Kcal), low in sodium (15 mg/100 gr), with high dietary fibers content (~18%). Bontex is cholesterol and gluten free.”

Solbar is dedicated to creating value for customers by providing quick unique solutions swiftly and with excellent quality.The global economic crisis means developing even better functionalities to reduce processing costs for meat and food producers.

For additional information, contact:
Gary Brenner
V.P. Marketing and Development, Solbar Industries Ltd[email protected], T: +97288632111, F: +97288561455

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