BERKEM: A specialist in plant extraction committed to organics

The extraction of active plant ingredients is the first link in the transformation chain that results in an organic product, responding to growing demand from the end consumer. Berkem is committed to organics and has taken the decisive step to produce extracts according to an organic production method.

The company has obtained attestation of its commitment to this means of production, and has received a number of certificates issued by Ecocert, including for grapevine extracts, such as vine shoots and grape pomace.

The company has been committed to transparency and sustainable development for the last ten years, following the principles of the Chemical Industries Progress Charter, which aims to reduce environmental impact (pollutant discharges and consumption of natural resources). Berkem has already obtained manufacturing certification for organic ingredients used in organic and environmentally-friendly cosmetic products.

The company continues to pursue its commitment and wishes to increase the proportion of organic-certified ingredients throughout its plant extract production.

In food, dietetics and cosmetics, Berkem manifests its desire to respond to customer requirements demanding an organic method of production.

Berkem's objective is to continue to produce extracts according to this means of obtention, but also to offer innovations for this sector over the next few years.

The creation of partnerships with producers is a source of supply for raw materials.

The agri-food and cosmetic industries offer real perspectives for development, firmly focused on the end consumer attentive to the environmental impact of their consumption

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