Innovative dehydration technology yields new aloe uses

Drying system will revolutionize aloe beverage taste and quality

Lacey, WA – An innovative dehydration system, utilized within the patented Qmatrix® aloe processing method at Aloecorp® will open the door to some versatile uses for Aloe vera according to a newly published white paper from the world’s leading vertically integrated supplier of fine and bioactive aloe products. Aloecorp’s final product is a dehydrated aloe in a unique crystalline flake form that is remarkably versatile for functional foods and demonstrates superior solubility and dissolution in beverages without compromising aloe’s biological, organoleptic and nutritional qualities.

In the past, like any other fresh juice, aloe was difficult to preserve without the use of chemicals. Dehydration technologies, such as spray drying, preserve aloe by removing water, but the solubility, dissolution, flavor, color and nutritional components of aloe are compromised in the process. A revolutionary, energy efficient, low temperature/short time (LTST) dehydration method offers a striking alternative proven to retain heat-sensitive nutritional and functional nutritive components.

The white paper, Aloe Processing Technology, summarizes a scientific study comparing the traditional spray drying method with an LTST method that utilizes infrared heat transferred from an underlying bed of water to a uniform layer of fresh aloe juice on a specialized film. The Qmatrix process results in a final dehydrated product that is scientifically proven to possess superior quality, solubility and stability without the need for preservatives with same as fresh quality upon reconstitution. Qmatrix crystal flakes require no refrigeration or freezing. This innovative, environmentally friendly “green” technology is available only from Aloecorp.

“We’ve been researching advancements in drying technologies for the past decade,” said Ken Jones, Aloecorp Chief Science Officer and author of the latest white paper. “This advancement broadens the options for manufacturers and product developers who want to offer the nutritional benefits of aloe without the past formulation challenges.” Jones noted that Qmatrix processed aloe also demonstrated higher polysaccharide content and superior dispersion and dissolution characteristics when compared to spray-dried product.

The importance of Aloe’s acetylated polysaccharides is well known and has been studied for two decades. Jones also points out that Aloecorp’s Qmatrix technology provides a novel method to wet blend other flavoring and nutritive components with aloe before dehydration. The resulting patent-pending blends will not separate and retain superior organoleptic, ORAC and nutritional content as does Aloe. As an example, Jones says, we now have Blueberry-Aloe and Raspberry-Aloe. The possibilities are almost limitless and of great benefit to our customers in the formulation of final products.

The Qmatrix dehydration technology is an integral part of Aloecorp’s proprietary Qmatrix processing system, which also includes a patented method for polysaccharide content and preservation. The Qmatrix process is a multi-step manufacturing method that retains the biological activity of fresh Aloe vera. Aloecorp was one of the first aloe manufacturing companies to have its entire line of aloe raw material products, liquids, concentrates and powders, certified by the International Aloe Science Council for content and purity and is still the only Aloe supplier to guarantee and specify the polysaccharide content of its products.

Aloecorp’s corporate headquarters are in Washington State; their growing, processing and R&D centers are located in Texas, Mexico and China. With a solid foundation in scientific methodology, Aloecorp’s bioactive aloe products are supported by numerous published, peer-reviewed studies. All the company’s products are subject to superior quality standards to guarantee purity, potency and biological activity. Aloecorp is part of the ECONET global family of health and natural product companies. Visit Aloecorp online at:

The white paper, “Aloe Processing Technology”, and samples of Qmatrix Aloe vera crystal flakes are available by contacting Aloecorp at [email protected] or by calling (800) 458-2563, ext. 1135.

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