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Proprietary White Bean Extract Decreases Glucose Absorption According to Newly Published Article

An article in a recent issue of The Open Nutraceuticals Journal, a peer-reviewed publication, describes two double-blind human pilot studies demonstrating the ability of Phase 2 Carb Controller™, a standardized extract of the white bean, to decrease glucose absorption, according to Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc., the ingredient’s maker.

The article, “Investigation of an Amylase Inhibitor on Human Glucose Absorption after Starch Consumption,” by Joe A. Vinson, Hassan Al Kharrat and Donna Shuta, University of Scranton, concluded that “the bean extract has in vivo efficacy for inhibition of starch absorption and may prove beneficial in weight reduction in individuals consuming large amounts of starch. It also may inhibit starch-induced hyperglycemia in normal and diabetic subjects.”

In study one, when participants consumed four slices of white bread and margarine with or without Phase 2®, glucose absorption, as measured by the area under the plasma glucose time curve, was inhibited by 66% in the Phase 2 group. Accordingly, only one-third of the carbohydrates in the bread were absorbed. In addition, the glucose returned to baseline earlier than the control.

In study 2, subjects who consumed a carb-laden frozen dinner with or without Phase 2, demonstrated that the Phase 2 group had an earlier return to baseline and that approximately 40%of the carbohydrates were inhibited from absorption.

Mitch Skop, director of new product development for Pharmachem Laboratories, said, “Since obesity and glucose are often intimately related, Phase 2 has significant potential as a safe ingredient for supplements and/or functional foods to help keep Americans fit and healthy.”

Pharmachem Laboratories, Kearny, NJ, develops, manufactures and supplies a variety of high-quality, efficacious ingredients for the dietary supplement and food industries. Ingredients are manufactured under the strictest quality control in accordance with cGMP standards. For more information, log-on to; or call 1-800-526-0609, 201 246 1000.

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