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600 Herbs; 60,000 Citations: Support the Botanical Safety Handbook Revision Online at

The AHPA Foundation for Education & Research on Botanicals (AHPA-ERB Foundation) makes its online debut at this month and provides companies and individuals with a quick and easy way to support the Foundation's substantive revision of the American Herbal Products Association's Botanical Safety Handbook through online donation.

"The Botanical Safety Handbook provides both a clinically-relevant assessment of the safety of numerous herbs in commerce and invaluable data to assist manufacturers in developing labels that adequately inform consumers," said AHPA-ERB Foundation Chair and Neways International Sr. Director of Regulatory Affairs, Monzur Ahmed. "It is imperative for industry that the Botanical Safety Handbook contains the most recent and comprehensive information available, and now the ability for companies to financially contribute online provides a convenient way to support this new edition of the Handbook."

First published in 1997, the Botanical Safety Handbook has become an essential reference text for healthcare providers, consumers, retailers and manufacturers of herbal products. The text provides safety information on more than 600 species of plants known to be in trade as ingredients in dietary supplements, and, employing a unique safety rating system, classifies each species listed based on a review of a number of authoritative contemporary botanical references and knowledge of historical use.

In 2006, realizing the significant amount of literature on herbal medicines that had been published since 1997 and the improved access to primary references online, the AHPA-ERB Foundation began raising funds for a revision of this important text. In addition to thousands more citations, the revised Botanical Safety Handbook also contains entries for herbal ingredients new to the marketplace and addresses potential drug interactions.

"While many healthcare providers in the U.S. believe research on botanicals is scarce, in actuality a wealth of information is obtainable, but not easily accessible since it is scattered in various academic journals and texts on the clinical use of botanicals," said Zoë Gardner, program coordinator of the Medicinal Plants Program at the University of Massachusetts and research editor of the Botanical Safety Handbook revision. "An accurate, scientifically-based assessment of herbal ingredients will be required for medical professionals to accept the use of health-promoting botanicals."

Join our generous sponsors in supporting this important work. Please visit and make your tax-deductible contribution today.

Thank you to all our sponsors:


Michael McGuffin (AHPA)
Jim Prochnow (Greenberg Traurig)
Greg Doherty (POMS & Associates)

Corporations and Organizations:

NIH Office of Dietary Supplements
University of Massachusetts Medicinal Plant Program

Herbs, Etc.

Nature’s Way

CRC Insurance
Emerson Ecologics
Herb Pharm
Pacific Nutritional
Systemic Formulas

Arise & Shine
Herbalists & Alchemists
NOW Foods
Vitality Works

The AHPA Foundation for Education & Research on Botanicals (AHPA-ERB Foundation) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational foundation founded by the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) for the purpose of promoting education and research on medicinal, therapeutic and health-promoting herbs. Information on completed and current projects is available online at

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