Confidence for Moms: Echinaforce Junior, New from Bioforce USA, Is Just for Children

Bioforce USA, an industry leader in distinguished natural lifestyle products with scientific support, has launched Echinaforce Junior, a tasty Echinacea chew supplement expressly for children to help fortify their growing immune systems.

Children on average get between six to 10 colds of varying degrees each year, compared to the average cold incidence for adults, between two and five. Due to high level of interactivity in the classroom and in extracurricular activities, children tend to give their colds to their peers.

And because of the recent news and concerns of giving children adult-dose cough and cold products, Bioforce AG in Switzerland reviewed all the literature and formulated a product that is much better tolerated for youngsters – Echinaforce Junior.

Each chewable Echinaforce Junior tablet provides a tincture of fresh Echinacea purpurea (1:12) providing 400 mg in a natural orange flavor sweetened with naturally derived sorbitol.

Science has proven that fresh herbs contain more alkylamides, which are among the main actives responsible for the efficacy of Echinacea. Alkylamides are highly volatile and are mostly lost in the drying process. In fact, the fresh plant extract has three times more alkylamide content than dried plant extract. Since the alkylamides have a tingling or numbing effect on the tongue, Bioforce developed the technology to encapsulate the alklaymides, without sacrificing any efficacy or bioavailability. This, along with the tasty natural orange flavor, makes Echinaforce Junior appealing to children.

“Children now have an Echinacea product just for them, which gives concerned mothers confidence, especially during cold season,” says Eileen Sheets, managing director of Bioforce USA. “We will be giving our retailers tremendous promotional support to help them sell Echinaforce Junior.”

The FDA warnings about OTC cough and cold medication risks in children have a lot of parents skittish and questioning just what they can safely give their children to help them during cold and flu season. “The fact is that Echinaforce has an extraordinarily good safety profile,” Sheets explains. “More than 3 billion doses of Echinaforce have been safely and confidently consumed since its original launch. Echinaforce Junior is the exact same product quality in a delicious, more child-friendly delivery.”

In addition, Sheets points out, Bioforce has the world’s best-researched Echinacea and therefore both Echinaforce and Echinaforce Junior are well rooted in quality and science. “Echinaforce echinacea works,” she states. “Researchers at Bioforce AG in Switzerland have studied and authored several trials showing not only efficacy but for the first time, have also revealed the mechanism of action of Echinacea in supporting the immune system when rhinovirus is present. In addition, Bioforce is the only company that has been recognized by the U.S. National Institutes of Health for its research on Echinacea.

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