Organic Rosemary Extract Now Offered by Fenchem

Rosemary extract comes from the leaves of Rosmarinus officinalis. The extract has strong antioxidant activity, is appealing for use in cosmetics, nutraceuticals and food products and is also used as preservative to extend the shelf-life of foods and beverages.

Fenchem, the first Chinese supplier of organic rosemary extract, is now involved in the certification process for its EssenRoseTM rosemary extract according to NOP and EU standards. Two rosemary extracts are supplied by Fenchem: oil soluble rich in carnosic acid and water soluble rich in rosmarinic acid, both of which can be used in cosmetics and food products.

The market for natural antioxidants is expected to experience huge annual growth rates and the requirement for organic products is growing rapidly as well. Rosemary extract’s antioxidant effect is more effective than other many other natural antioxidants. Moreover, rosemary extract has high heat stability and can remain stable at up to 240℃, making it suitable for frying oil and snack food applications. EssenRoseTM from Fenchem is certified as Kosher and Halal, and is suitable for vegan products.

Fenchem’s commits to competitive pricing and offers an effective inventory management system in the US.

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