Ito En Relaunches its FOSHU Green Tea Beverage, “Ryokucha Shukan”

On 1 December, Ito En Ltd. will relaunch its Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare FOSHU-approved “Ryokucha Shukan (Green Tea Tradition)” beverage for people who are worried about their post-meal blood sugar level. The product, which was first launched by the company in 2002, contains dietary fiber (indigestible dextrin) and calms the body’s absorption of sugar, thus making it an effective way to improve diet for people who are starting to worry about their post-meal blood sugar level. The company has used its expertise in tea-type beverages in carefully selecting tea leaves to give the product a taste that goes well with any type of food. In order to revitalize the brand, the product now features a new package design and bottle shape.

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