Pomegranate Power® Extract Granted Patent

European Union - “EPO” has awarded Collagen Nutraceuticals, Inc., Patent for the advanced extraction method utilized in manufacturing Pomegranate Power® Extract.

Pomegranate Power® - is rich in polyphenols and hydrolysable tannins especially Ellagitannins (ellagic acid and gallic acid), Anthocyanins and Phenolic Acids. A high percentage of pomegranate tannins are known as punicalagins and punicalins which are the indicator compounds of pomegranate. These water-soluble ellagitannins render one molecule of gallagic acid, one molecule of ellagic acid, and one molecule of glucose. Punicalagins are the essential components for antioxidant activities and deliver strong synergistic effects when present among other polyphenols contributing to the health benefits of Pomegranate Power®.

Pomegranate Power® is extracted from the whole seed rich in the powerfully protective nutrients of hydrolysable tannins, and punicic acid. Available for dietary supplement in powdered form with a range of potency standardized to a blend of Ellagic acid (ellagitannins), punicalagins, and polyphenols.

Pomegranate Peel Extract – Available for topical cosmeceutical products. The benefits of Pomegranate in skincare formulation shown to significantly reverse signs of extrinsic aging are well documented in human clinical trials.

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