Cyvex Nutrition Introduces VitaTropic(TM)

Advanced high-orac tropical superfruit extract represents nex- generation antioxidants

IRVINE, CA – VitaTropic™ is the newest addition to Cyvex Nutrition’s powerful portfolio of innovative proprietary antioxidants for the dietary supplement industry. VitaTropic™ is a high-ORAC tropical extract of exotic fruits noni, acai, mangosteen and pomegranate with ORAC 6,000 mcmole TE/g and 40 percent polyphenols.

“VitaTropic™ is an advanced and sophisticated blend of potent antioxidants, suitable for use on its own or blended in formulas for immune support and cardiovascular support,” says Matt Phillips, President and CEO of Cyvex Nutrition. “Fruits that flourish in tropical environments require superior antioxidant capabilities to protect them from the vagaries of tropical weather and insects, thus antioxidants are found in potent quantities in these fruits.”

In addition, Phillips points out that the fruits mangosteen, pomegranate, noni and acai have significant research showing their powerful free radical scavenging abilities. These fruits are also considered “hot” and trendy as refreshing beverages, so VitaTropic’s blend also offers a powerful brand story that consumers will find attractive.

“To our knowledge, VitaTropic™ is one of the only such high-ORAC blends of tropical extracts on the market,” Phillips adds. “As a category leader, Cyvex Nutrition continues to demonstrate our sourcing and marketing sophistication to further the antioxidant category for the future.”

About Cyvex Nutrition, Inc.
Entering its 23rd year, Cyvex Nutrition, Inc., has become a leader in the supply of superior quality, innovative, proprietary antioxidants and other influential nutraceuticals for the dietary supplement and functional foods industry. Cyvex has firmly established itself as a resourceful supply-chain partner that provides ancillary services such as NutriPrint™ quality assurance testing, marketing and formulation assistance.

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