AHD International Announces Availability of Chia Seeds

AHD International, a distributor of new-to-market nutraceutical and functional food ingredients, is now offering Chia Seeds to its customers worldwide. Chia seeds are a gluten free, vegetarian wholefood naturally rich in omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, dietary fiber, antioxidants, calcium, protein, amino acids, as well as a comprehensive range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Unlike grains such as flaxseed, they are highly stable due to their antioxidant content, offering manufacturers an ingredient that not only delivers superior nutritional properties, but also won't compromise the shelf life of finished goods.

These natural super seeds can be used in a variety of functional food applications including cereals, breads, soups, salad dressings and nutrition bars. Chia seeds can also be mixed with water to create a nutritious gel that can be added to beverages such as smoothies, juices and herbal teas.

"Our customers can add Chia seeds to functional foods where gluten-free, high fiber, high protein and low carb end products are desired," noted John Alkire, president, AHD International. "The large amounts of naturally occurring omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in Chia seeds also make for a great ingredient for products aimed at helping consumers improve overall heart health."

Chia seeds were first used as food as early as 3500 BC and were one of the main dietary components of the Aztecs and the Mayans. Chia seeds were eaten as a grain, drunk as a beverage when mixed with water, ground into flour, included in medicines, pressed for oil and used as a base for face and body paints. A member of the mint family, the Chia plant or Salvia hispanica, grows from a seedling to develop lush, green foliage before it produce long flowers similar to lavender. It is these flowers that develop into seedpods that produce Chia seeds.

About AHD International:
AHD International is a major supplier of the highest quality new-to-market nutraceutical ingredients and functional food products to manufacturers, wholesalers and food companies worldwide. AHD's triple-check system ensures that products are evaluated for natural purity, consistency and exceptional quality. For more information on AHD's wholesale nutraceutical and functional food ingredients call 404-233-4022 or visit www.ahdintl.com.

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