POMELLA® Extract, recipient of 2006 NBJ Business Achievement Award, celebrates American Heart Month with new, consumer-friendly logo

Noblesville, IN, USA – January 30, 2007

POMELLA® Extract, the proprietary, patent-pending pomegranate extract and the first standardized to punicalagins, has adopted a new, consumer-friendly logo to celebrate American Heart Month and further align with its status as the premier science-based pomegranate ingredient.

Just before earning a 2006 Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) Business Achievement Award, POMELLA® Extract was the subject of a clinical study published in November 2006 detailing its absorption and antioxidant effects.

The commercial pomegranate extract found to absorb into the body after human consumption, POMELLA® Extract shows the potential to significantly increase antioxidant capacity of human plasma after consumption in published research. Increased plasma antioxidant capacity (measured by plasma ORAC) may be witnessed after consumption of antioxidants that can absorb into the body, unlike test-tube ORAC, which does not measure the absorption ability of an antioxidant. Volumes of research indicate absorbable antioxidants can benefit various factors of health, particularly those involved with heart health.

POMELLA® Extract’s commitment to solid science accompanies an equal commitment to serving the needs of consumers. The new logo, part of a rebranding effort which presents the strengths of this all-natural, clinically studied pomegranate ingredient, is one of many ways POMELLA® Extract appeals to the general public. “By offering a differentiated ingredient with a strong message of quality and research, we find consumers now asking for POMELLA® products by name,” says Sonya Cropper, Director of Marketing at Verdure Sciences.

The recent achievements strengthen Verdure’s commitment to the POMELLA® Extract brand, coinciding with their commitment to long-term research plans and the continued protection of the POMELLA® Extract trademark and intellectual property rights.

POMELLA® Extract, derived from the whole pomegranate fruit, is manufactured at Verdure Sciences’ ISO-9000:2001, HACCP facility; is Kosher-certified and Halal-certified; and made from pomegranate grown on Verdure’s vertically integrated farms.

Unlike most competitive pomegranate products, POMELLA® Extract is made from the whole pomegranate’s natural spectrum, including ellagitannin and punicalagins content, and is supported by complete efficacy and safety profiles.

About Verdure Sciences(TM):
Verdure Sciences strives to offer the most innovative bionutritionals through the integration of proprietary offerings, expertise, and consummate resources.

With the main focus on research and production capabilities, an extensive pipeline of clinically studied products is geared to the needs of general populations and subpopulations with special health concerns.

Blake Ebersole, [email protected]

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