Numelle skin ingredient backed by new sales deal

Numelle skin ingredient backed by new sales deal

InterHealth Nutraceuticals and Milbar Laboratories strike deal to sell the patent-pending nutmeg extract.

InterHealth Nutraceuticals Inc., a leader in the nutraceutical ingredient industry supplying leading food and beverage companies such as Coke, Pepsi, GNC and NBTY, has recently signed an exclusive agreement with Milbar Laboratories of East Haven, Conn., for the sales of Numelle™, a novel patent-pending nutmeg extract. Clinical data shows that Numelle brightens the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and redness and increases skin firmness.

“We wanted to find an innovative company with deep customer contacts and the ability to produce a quality product for its customers to bring Numelle quickly to the cosmetic market,” said Jay Martin, vice president of sales and marketing with InterHealth. “Milbar Labs fits that role perfectly.” Milbar has an exclusive to formulate and manufacture Numelle for its customers and to sell the ingredient to companies that may have their own manufacturing facility.

“Numelle is a new natural, truly unique multibenefit ingredient, supported by solid clinical research and has INCI, CAS and REACH registrations that will ease market acceptance. “We see so many ingredients come along, but to find one that is truly unique with so many benefits at such a small concentration (0.1%), opens up a world of applications,” said Gus Bezas, president of Milbar Laboratories.

Cosmetic companies and formulators can contact Milbar to learn more about Numelle and its benefits.


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