Meet the new ashwagandha

Meet the new ashwagandha

Lodaat's single herb Ashwagandha brands incorporate its proprietary Thermogenisys extraction process.

Lodaat has developed a proprietary Ayurvedic process—termed Thermogenisys—which has one of the highest levels of efficacy and stability for Ayurvedic botanical ingredients. Using scientific research, and a clinical trial proposal, the firm has developed an extensive line that can be used by contract manufacturers as well as CPG food and beverage firms. 

AY-104 Ashwagandha, ASHWA-DAAT and ASHWA-IMMUNE are Lodaat's single herb Ashwagandha brands incorporating our own proprietary Thermogenisys process, which which utilizes an eco-friendly method of extraction, i.e., without using alcohol or any synthetic solvents. Because Ashwagandha has many properties, we have created three separate extraction products which focus on different indications. 


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