Autocrat introduces tea extracts

Autocrat introduces tea extracts

Premium tea extracts, powders and syrups provide the capability to add flavor, aroma and health benefits to food, beverages and functional products.

Autocrat LCC, a leading supplier of premium coffee extracts to the global food and beverage industry, has announced the addition of natural premium tea extracts to the product selection. More than ever, Autocrat has put an emphasis on partnering with customers and this additional product offering meets the demand of this fast-growing market segment.

This approach encourages innovative solutions to produce countless unique product options. It ultimately offers customers a competitive edge in the food and beverage industry. Autocrat now will provide a wide variety of natural premium tea extracts, powders and syrups. This product assortment of teas provides the capability to add flavor, aroma and health benefits to food, beverage and functional products.

According to F. Patrick Holmes, Jr., Autocrat CEO, “We are very pleased to offer our customers all natural premium tea extracts. Our commitment to product excellence now will encompass coffee, tea and botanical extracts. Our customer partnerships will be a key area for innovative product solutions.”

This innovative approach is well supported by a full staff of research and development scientists and a trained sensory team. The result is Autocrat providing customers the expertise to create high quality tea product offerings with multiple tastes and ingredient options.


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