Fruit d'Or launches cranberry ingredients, gum

Fruit d'Or launches cranberry ingredients, gum

Company will introduce a targeted line of natural, organic Cran Naturelle and conventional Cran d’Or cranberry ingredients at SupplySide.

To fulfill growing, energetic demand for cranberry-containing health products, Fruit d'Or, the world's largest organic nutraceutical processor and supplier of cranberry and blueberry, will debut its line expressly for the health-product market at SupplySide East, New York City, booth #829.

The company will introduce a full and targeted line of natural, organic Cran Naturelle and conventional Cran d’Or cranberry ingredients: patent-pending Cranberry Seed Oil, patented Cranberry Protein Powder, highest-potency Tea Cuts, and breakthrough Cranberry Powder containing the highest level of PACs (proanthocyanidins) than any other natural cranberry supplements currently in the market, says Stephen Lukawski, sales and marketing director. "We provide the purest organic and conventional cranberry ingredients for supplements, foods and cosmeceuticals; they contain the most active potency."

Lukawski adds that the company has been able to achieve its goal of superior quality and standards due to its unique position as the largest grower and processor of organic cranberries worldwide, allowing full quality control from the bogs through shipment to customers. Fruit D'Or also possesses a sophisticated proprietary drying system that maintains the integrity of the entire cranberry and its health-promoting compounds via the use of ultra-low temperatures. "We are the first company to raise the bar and standardize the proanthocyanidin levels in natural cranberry powder to a minimum of at least 10 percent PACs," he says.

Lukawski notes that Fruit d'Or's diverse cranberry ingredients are attractive and suitable for a wide variety of product applications, including tablets, capsules, chewing gums/gummies, liquids, teas, functional foods, carbonated and juice beverages, and cosmeceutical/anti-aging products.  

Industry's first functional probiotic-cranberry chewing gum
Fruit d'Or will introduce a prototype functional probioitic cranberry chewing gum at SupplySide East.  Lukawski says this is the industry's first chewing gum combining the benefits of specific probiotics and cranberry and sweetened with oral-health-friendly xylitol in a delivery form that promotes dental health.

The gum, researched and developed by Lukawski, is a collaborative effort between Fruit d'Or, which supplied the cranberry ingredient called Oral Cran; Stratum Nutrition, which supplied the specific probiotics Blis K12 and M18, both of which are science-based ingredients for oral health; and Tab Labs, which manufactured the chewing gum.

Oral Cran works favorably in this delivery system because it has low moisture activity and low organic acids that will not interfere with the stability of the probiotic cultures; it contains very high levels of PAC content, which was tested by both BL-DMAC and Euro Pharma, shown to contain the highest potency of PACs in comparison to all other natural cranberry powders in the retail market, containing a minimum of 10 percent potency. In addition, this organic cranberry has an eye-pleasing rose color, and compresses well with the equipment used in Tab Labs' patented technology.

Tab Labs' patented technology provides a unique tri-layer delivery system. This allows for the combination of the probiotics and cranberry in separate layers without the two ingredients having physical contact with one another.



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