Barry Callebaut's Chocolate Masters website revamped

Barry Callebaut's Chocolate Masters website revamped

New site will offer industrial food manufacturers and artisanal chocolate producers creative ideas and inspiration.

Chocolate Masters, part of the Barry Callebaut Group and known as the specialist in the production and sale of semi-finished chocolate products, is re-launching its website for its range of chocolate and marzipan decorations. It will offer everyone, from industrial food manufacturers to artisanal chocolate producers, creative decorative ideas and inspiration brought together in an interactive website with a new look and feel.

In the Decoration Inspiration Lab in Zundert (the Netherlands), Chocolate Masters produces lots of decoration collections ranging from chocolate and sugar decorations, cupcakes, prints and all kinds of special collections for seasonal celebrations (such as the Christmas collection) to colorful marzipan decorations. The various catalogues are directly available on the new website on following a quick and easy registration process. A short film offers visitors a unique insight into the Decoration Inspiration Lab.

The lab is the beating heart of Chocolate Masters, which officially opened its doors in February this year and has enjoyed considerable success since day one. It meets a real need among industrial users as well as artisanal producers such as confectioners, chocolatiers, and professional chefs providing a place where they can get together with the Chocolate Masters specialists and experiment with new, unique decorations with which they can distinguish themselves among their customers.

"In our Decoration Inspiration Lab we open up a world of creative possibilities for our customers", says pastry chef and chocolatier Jurgen Koens who runs the lab. "The new website now provides those who have not yet had the opportunity of visiting us in Zundert with an insight into the most extensive possibilities for decorations that the chocolate sector currently has to offer."


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