CA Botana revamps facial serums

CA Botana revamps facial serums

New Alphasomes C-8 Serums from Doctor D. Schwab formulas feature CO2 extracts, peptides and a blend of natural ingredients.

CA BOTANA is reintroducing its Alphasomes® C-8 Serums from Doctor D. Schwab, now with improved ingredients for even faster and more noticeable results. The new formulas feature CO2 extracts and peptides, which work with a blend of natural ingredients to alleviate a range of common skin issues. In addition, the Alphasomes C-8 Serums are now in more user- and travel-friendly airless pumps, which prevent oxidation and maintain freshness.
Perhaps the most important addition to the Alphasomes C-8 Serum line are the CO2 extracts, which ensure effectiveness and purity without the use of chemical additives. The extremely gentle and safe CO2 extraction process preserves beneficial phytonutrients, delivering a superior natural material and guaranteeing results. 

Everyone is sure to find a product in the Alphasomes C-8 Serum line to match their skin care needs. The Flawless Skin Brightening Serum is ideal for all skin types and uses oat protein and marshmallow extract to give skin an energy boost, improving radiance and clarity. The Blemished Skin Control Serum, which regulates oil production, clears the complexion and balances skin's pH with cinnamon extract, tea tree oil and lactic acid. Lastly, the Sensitive Skin Serum, is perfect for those whose skin adversely reacts to stressful environmental factors. Cucumber extract, plankton, royal jelly and aloe team up to restore moisture while copper tri-peptide increases collagen production for improved elasticity and softness. 

Each formula boasts powerful peptides and grape stem cell extract, which pack a potent punch of hydration, repair, and protection. Enhanced with the Alphasomes delivery system, the natural ingredients penetrate deeply for unmatched absorption and effectiveness.

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