HP Ingredients tongkat ali self-affirmed GRAS

HP Ingredients tongkat ali self-affirmed GRAS

LJ100 is the source material in many clinical studies on tongkat ali.

Annie Eng, CEO of HP Ingredients, has announced that its signature, science-backed ingredient, LJ100® (tongkat ali; Eurycoma longifolia) has obtained not only self-affirmed GRAS status, but an approval from Health Canada.

History of safe use of Tongkat Ali/Eurycoma longifolia dates back approximately 4,000 years ago to a notable series of texts from China. Some aspects of Tongkat Ali’s adaptogenic, health-building qualities are due to testosterone increases and freeing properties. Testosterone has over a hundred benefits to the body and is needed by men and women to maintain proper health. Health studies cited in HP Ingredients' extensive scientific review demonstrate the safety of Tongkat Ali—its effectiveness is known from hundreds of studies done in vitro and on lab animals and people.

"Eurycoma longifolia, or Tongkat Ali, has extensive documentation of ancient traditional use that leads to modern scientific studies, and these studies validate its rich tradition of use in human health,” Eng said. “Modern sophisticated science and technology have produced specific improvements over traditional preparation methods, leading to products like LJ100. The result is concentrating Tongkat Ali root into a 100:1 water extract standardized to 40 percent glyco saponins, 0.8 percent eurycomanone and 22 percent eurypeptides. Additionally, careful manufacturing methods ensure a product that is free from contamination—a large, widespread problem with many herbal products. These water extracts of Tongkat Ali are used in many clinical studies and animal studies because they are effective while having a great margin of safety. It is classified under the World Health Organization, Global Harmony System, Classification of Chemicals, in Category 5—as having no toxicity. This safety factor is so large that Eurycoma longifolia water extract is very safe for human consumption, under normal conditions of use, whether as an herbal tonic or clinical remedy."

There is an extensive cache of published Eurycoma longifolia research, including many studies in the past four years. The US Patent No. 7,132,117 B2 for HP Ingredients’ LJ100® is the source material in many of the reviewed clinical studies, which simply means that LJ100 is the same material used in many scientific studies and will duplicate outcomes and results safely.

"Our extensive review based on outside expert analysis and experience strongly affirms the long history of use of Eurycoma longifolia Jack in food in widespread populations and the reasonable certainty of safety for its intended use, thus fully supporting self-determination of GRAS for LJ100, a standardized freeze-dried water extract of Eurycoma longifolia Jack,” Eng said.

In related news, Eng announced that LJ100 has been approved by Health Canada, the government department that oversees regulation of health products and ingredients for sale to Canadian consumers.

To learn more, please visit HP Ingredients at SSW booth 18090.


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