Helios launches tech guidelines for EstroG-100

Helios launches tech guidelines for EstroG-100

Helios takes on black cohosh adulteration with research-backed ingredient.

Helios Corp. will present a new sales and technical sheet for EstroG-100 at the upcoming SupplySide West 2013, booth #20090. EstroG-100 is the Helios menopause ingredient with 14 studies.

Helios Corp. is presenting a summary of the two-sided document, which outlines the benefits of EstroG-100 as compared to other choices backed by and based on published data in the public domain.

The issue of botanical adulteration is the cornerstone of the problems in the retail menopause category. Retailers are starting the process of ID testing their finished products and pressing that contract manufacturers do the same in order to confirm whether SKUs containing black cohosh are adulterated. 

Michael Jeffers, president of Helios Corp., said, “The ABC story in April 2013 stated ‘in the United States it is unlawful for any herb other than Actaea recemosa to be sold as black cohosh.’ The story also mentioned that up to 35 percent of all black cohosh in the U.S. in 2013 was estimated to be contaminated or adulterated due to certain imports identifying the ingredient as the real name of Actaea racemosa versus the fake name Actaea cimicifuga. The ABC story also indicated, ‘In our view, anyone offering for sale the Chinese species of Actaea (primarily A. cimicifuga, A. dahuricaA. heracleifolia and A. simplex) as black cohosh is most likely knowingly selling adulterated material. This is likely fraud, and such sellers of these adulterants should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.’”

Today, Helios Corp. has a thoroughly vetted ingredient that works six times faster than any other nutraceutical ingredient in the menopause category. Also, EstroG-100 shows benefits with 10 multiple endpoint claim benefits such as night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, and vaginal dryness, along with safety features proving that EstroG-100 holds an NDI, is not estrogenic and does not cause liver toxicity or vaginal bleeding.

“We do welcome the media along with all manufactures and consumers to the Helios Corp. booth, #20090, where our science team can discuss the comparative benefits of EstroG-100 versus all other choices," Jeffers said.

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