Nexira primed to grow US health business

Nexira primed to grow US health business

On the heels of an acquisition that expanded its portfolio of botanical extracts, Nexira is positioned to grow with the booming health and wellness market.

Nexira, a global leader in natural ingredients and botanical extracts  sustainably sourced from nature for the food and health industries, is consolidating its positioning towards the health and wellness market, especially in the United States. Nexira acquired Tournay Biotechnologies, a European expert in the extraction of active botanicals for the nutraceutical and dietary supplements industries, in December 2012 and has spent 2013 expanding its offerings and growing its health business, which will soon represent 35 percent of its total sales.

Whether it’s green coffee, green tea extracts, acerola, guarana, grape seed, marine magnesium, artichoke, pomegranate, garcinia or Exocyan™, a unique product line of cranberry extracts, Nexira’s portfolio continues to grow. “Family-owned for over 117 years, we are looking to drive our business to new heights of performance and the acquisition of Tournay has been a major step in reaching that goal,” says Mathieu Dondain, Nexira director of business development and a fourth generation executive. “2013 saw a real expansion of our production capacities of plant extracts, and with U.S. consumers taking the industry to a whole new level, we are perfectly positioned to grow our health business in 2014. Whether taken to aid in weight management, stress relief, muscle performance, energy or just overall health, natural botanical extracts will continue to grow in popularity.”

Thanks to the acquisition of Tournay, Nexira is finishing 2013 with fiscal year sales over $130 million, projects target growth of over $170 million by 2015 and is looking to grow in the U.S. as new projects continue to develop. Sales figures are on the rise thanks to constant growth of the supplement market, especially in the U.S., and Nexira is in prime position to meet that need. Industry studies value vitamin supplements and minerals at $23 billion, and this includes herbal dietary supplement sales which are valued at $5.6 billion, up 5.5 percent in 2012 alone, marking the ninth straight year of sales growth.

In addition to the increase in production capabilities, Nexira raised its communication levels through growth at its U.S. headquarters in Somerville, N.J., a tripling of sales staff in the U.S., and the establishment of a new presence on the west coast. Known as a European manufacturer with high quality standards, flexibility, and superior customer service, Nexira advises customers to consider the source, noting that the concept of terroir - where a product originates, grows and is cultivated - is crucial to producing top-quality supplements. Offering natural ingredients that are tightly controlled along the supply chain with well-documented health benefits, Nexira prides itself on providing the nutraceuticals industry with the purest high-quality, well-researched botanical extracts and special formulations.

In fact, supply chain management is a topic receiving a lot attention lately and because Nexira controls the entire supply chain, from the sourcing of the raw material, to processing, transformation, and delivery, Nexira can confidently guarantee that every product is of the highest quality. This confidence is born from over a century of experience in sourcing raw materials and established long-term partnerships with numerous exclusive suppliers—assuring a reliable supply chain, and complete traceability of every ingredient.

An example of an exploding market is sports nutrition, a topic Nexira has been intimately familiar with for years. ViNitrox™, one of Nexira’s branded ingredients, is a synergistic combination and proprietary formulation of apple and grape polyphenols developed by Nexira and currently being used in the sports nutrition industry. ViNitrox™ significantly improves physical capacities thanks to its properties that increase nitric oxide (NO) production and enhance aerobic muscular metabolism. In fact, Nexira recently commissioned a new clinical study on 50 athletes 25-45 years old that bore this out. The vasodilating and antioxidant properties increased aerobic potential and improved athletic performance to the tone of a +10 percent increase in physical training time and a +13 percent increase in time before reaching the fatigue barrier. The range of ViNitrox™ illustrates the numerous attributes botanicals can have. As part of a Supply Side West Survival Kit, Nexira will be providing attendees a ViNitrox™ shot, a 2oz. beverage designed for healthy energy enhancement.

“We have the technical know-how and the facilities to adapt with ever-changing consumer needs and our customers depend on us for that,” said Dondain. One trend that will continue to flourish is the use of cranberries. The addition of Exocyan™ to Nexira’s offering opens up many more opportunities. “We have long known about the amazing health benefits of cranberries, but it is finally catching on in a big way in the U.S., ” continued Dondain. “Our proprietary process creates a very high concentration of proanthocyanidin (PAC), and the relationships we have with our selected growers allow for the highest possible quality.” Scientifically accepted health benefits include urinary tract health and antioxidant properties, but the possible uses for the cranberry are only growing.

Companies are constantly looking for new and different ways to use natural ingredients in their formulations and Nexira is taking this further with Exocyan™ which has been introduced in a new category: oral care. A preliminary four-week study involving four pieces per day of chewing gum containing Exocyan™ showed that the gum is highly successful at decreasing already existing dental plaque by 30 percent, and Supply Side West attendees will get to experience it firsthand. The chewing gum has a delicious fruit taste with no added sugar and it is non-acidic, so, unlike pure cranberry juice, tooth enamel demineralization is not an issue.

One additional product in the Nexira portfolio that has seen a lot of recent industry growth is green coffee. “The polyphenol content of green coffee allows it to be an excellent food supplement for weight management and as people are catching on, we expect the growth to continue,” said Dondain.

Whether it’s thanks to the Tournay acquisition or additional research and development of ingredients that have been a part of the Nexira family for years, Nexira has grown with and in fact even faster than the thriving botanicals market and looks to continue to do.


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