Dr. Sears pens astaxanthin book

Dr. Sears pens astaxanthin book

World famous doc delves into natural astaxanthin and its many health perks in his latest book.

William Sears, MD, one of the most famous doctors in the world, has written more than 40 books and has appeared on television shows from “Oprah” to “Dr. Phil” to “The Doctors.” He's been the feature of a Time cover story and six-page article, and the latest news is that the new Prince of England is being raised according to the theory on parenting espoused by Dr. Sears and his wife Martha called “attachment parenting.” 

So what's this got to do with Astaxanthin? Dr. Sears recently turned his attention to writing about nutrients. His first book in this area, The Omega-3 Effect, came out in 2012. And now, we're happy to announce his second foray into writing about nutrients is called Astaxanthin: Seafoods Ultimate Supernutrient. Grounded in science, the book discusses:

  • Five ways Astaxanthin can help our hearts
  • Astaxanthin's anti-inflammatory effects
  • Astaxanthin's benefits for our skin
  • Astaxanthin's support for brain health

In addition, this book covers the most recent topic to hit the astaxanthin news: tthe major differences in efficacy between natural astaxanthin (from microalgae) and artificial astaxanthin (which is synthesized from petrochemicals). 

This book is available in a paper version and an electronic version. Please email us at [email protected] to request your free copy. Anyone wishing to use this book for educational or promotional purposes should contact us for special pricing. 

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