The controversy behind bacoside B

The controversy behind bacoside B

Manufacturers of Bacopa monnieri extract make analytical claims of bacoside A and B, even though the identity of bacoside B remains ambiguous.

Bacopa monnieri Linn. is an Indian herb globally recognized as an ingredient by nutraceutical Industry for brain health and cognition related benefits.

A scientific article published in Fitoerapia (vol.87, page 7-10, 2013), points out that the structural identity of ‘bacoside B’ still appears controversial. 

Bacoside A, originally reported as a single chemical constituent, later turned out to be a mixture of saponins. Analysis of the individual saponin of bacoside A along with bacopaside-I now forms a part of USP monograph on Bacopa monnieri. The USP monograph does not mention bacoside B. 

Even to this day, despite the various advances in phytochemical identification, manufacturers of Bacopa monnieri extract choose to go ahead with analytical claims of bacoside A and B, despite the fact that the identity of bacoside B has not been clearly established in literature and remains ambiguous. It may also to be noted that the reference standard of bacoside B is not available to this day.

In the absence of a clear understanding on identity of bacoside B, analytical claims on this un-established compound on the product labels become highly questionable. For more details, please visit Booth No.380 at the ongoing Engredea show, Anaheim, Calif., USA.

Reference: Deepak M and Amit A, 'Bacoside B'-the need remains for establishing identity. Fitoterapia. 2013: 87:7-10. doi: 10.1016/j.fitote.2013.03.011



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