Delicious Living's Best Bite winners make the morning news!

New Hope's Senior Food Editor, Jenna Blumenfeld, presents a few of the winners of Delicious Living's Best Bite awards on one of Colorado's morning news channels. 

With interest in healthy products on the rise, and a plethora of natural products springing up to meet surging demand, New Hope's Delicious Living magazine took on the task of seeking out the best natural products on the market for its annual Best Bite awards. The winners raise the bar with clean, whole ingredients that expertly cater to special diets without sacrificing any delicious flavor.

The buzz around the award winners, announced last month, caught the eye of Denver's Fox 31 news station, which asked New Hope's Senior Food Editor Jenna Blumenfeld to chat about a few of her Best Bite favorites. Here's the clip, live on the morning news: 


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