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Naturex unveils maca ingredient for sexual health

Naturex unveils maca ingredient for sexual health
New Macador for libido and sexual performance is the first maca extract to be standardized to amino acids.

During SupplySide West, Naturex is unveiling a new maca product in its portfolio of natural sexual performance solutions. With a human study, this new product answers the need for natural, sustainably sourced and cost-effective ingredient for the sexual health category.

Sexual health is a niche market, but it has seen significant development in previous years with a reported growth rate of 14 percent worldwide, making it one of the most dynamic categories in the U.S. food supplement market.

To accompany this growth, Naturex is launching Macador™, a new product derived from genuine maca. Gently extracted with water, the ingredient is the first maca extract to be standardized to amino acids. “Amino acids are markers that help us to guarantee we provide constant quality from one batch to another. They are also part of the full spectrum of actives that play a role in the overall efficacy of Macador for libido,” explains Antoine Bily, R&D director at Naturex. In a pilot human study, the subjects showed a significant improvement in libido and sexual desire compared to placebo with the consumption of Macador after only two weeks of supplementation. “This is a rather short response time when compared to other ingredients backed by science available on the market,” confirms Dr. Bily.

Macador is natural and benefits from Naturex’s strong expertise in maca. The company has been producing maca extract for decades and has established long-term relationships with local growers from the Peruvian highlands. Sustainably sourced, the material is processed by Naturex, the world leader in maca extraction.

This new product will reinforce Naturex’s portfolio of ingredients for sexual health and libido, which includes various extracts of maca and tongkat ali. 

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